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How to say remove in Latin

What's the Latin word for remove? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation


More Latin words for remove
aufero verb
take away, carry away, steal, cease, bear away
depello verb
drive away, expel, avert, drive out, cast down
transvecto verb
move, transport, convey, carry
dismoveo verb
part, separate, make a way through, move, put aside
sevoco verb
call aside, call away, withdraw
amoveo verb
shift, move away, put away, lay aside, depose
demoveo verb
displace, move away, put away, dispossess
dimoveo verb
part, separate, make a way through, move, put aside
emoveo verb
move out, move away, take away, force away
exmoveo verb
move out, move away, take away, force away
submoveo verb
disperse, drive away, dislodge, expel, dispel
summoveo verb
drive away, dislodge, expel, dispel, disperse
transmoveo verb
relido verb
strike, refuse, reject, rub out, destroy
transpono verb
transfer, transpose, move, transplant, convey
transmitto verb
transmit, transfer, pass over, transport, entrust
tollo verb
raise, dismantle, take away, lift, rear
detraho verb
withdraw, disparage, take away, drag, pull down
extraho verb
drag, draw, extract, extricate, pull out
amolior verb
put aside, clear, set aside, lay aside, put away
abrumpo verb
break off, sever, dissociate
deripio verb
tear away, tear down, snatch away, pull
transplanto verb
move, transpose, transfer, transplant, convey
eximo verb
exempt, unpack, release, take away, take out
excipio verb
receive, except, capture, welcome, take from
abrogo verb
repeal, annul, cancel, suspend, deprive
exhaurio verb
exhaust, draw off, drain off, drain dry, gut completely
abjugo verb
rapio verb
seize, snatch, goof, finesse, steal
migro verb
depart, quit, migrate, pass, go away
immigro verb
immigrate, move into, go away
inmigro verb
immigrate, move into, go away
expungo verb
cancel, prick out
aveho verb
carry away
transveho verb
convey, transport, move, carry, travel
traveho verb
move, transport, convey, carry, travel
sperno verb
despise, scorn, spurn, reject, disdain
abfero verb
bear, take away, obtain, carry off, steal
avoco verb
call away, call off, divert, withdraw, amuse
amando verb
transporto verb
send, transport, move, transpose, transfer
abdo verb
put away, conceal, hide, keep out of sight, bury
agero verb
take away
circumcaedo verb
ring, clip, circumcise, cut out, diminish
deago verb
take off
defugo verb
drive away
demolio verb
cast off, throw off, pull down, demolish, abolish
discooperio verb
uncover, expose, bare, lay bare, disclose
discoperio verb
uncover, expose, bare, lay bare, disclose
elongo verb
withdraw, depart, keep aloof
pessundo verb
destroy, ruin, sink
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Similar Words
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de piscari, expiscor
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