How to say destroy in Latin

What's the Latin word for destroy? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for destroy
relido verb
strike, refuse, reject, remove, rub out
pessundo verb
ruin, sink, remove
mortifico verb
mortify, kill, subdue
conrumpo verb
seduce, spoil, corrupt, deprave, bribe, contaminate
interemo verb
kill, extinguish
excindo verb
contreo verb
crush, go against
assolo verb
apscido verb
hew, separate, divide, amputate, expel
deflagro verb
burn down, burn out
optero verb
trample, trample on, trample upon, crush, bruise
adnihilo verb
annihilate, demolish, ruin
interimo verb
kill, abolish, do away with, murder, slay
ecflicto verb
dash out, exterminate, wipe out, obliterate
efflicto verb
dash out, exterminate, wipe out, obliterate
ecfligo verb
dash out, exterminate, wipe out, obliterate
effligo verb
dash out, exterminate, wipe out, obliterate
eruo verb
demolish, tear out, uproot, eradicate, pluck, stir
solvo verb
solve, free, loose, pay, release, untie
sterno verb
saddle, spread, pave, strew with, bespread, scatter
annihilo verb
annihilate, demolish, ruin
evorto verb
turn out, turn upward, upheave, eject, overturn, overthrow
everto verb
overthrow, overturn, exterminate, subvert, turn upward, upheave
casso verb
shake, jolt, quake, sway, wreck
quasso verb
shake, break, shake violently, jolt, shake to pieces, dash into fragments
obruo verb
bury, overwhelm, whelm, swamp, overpower, suppress
dissolvo verb
dissolve, release, melt, unloose, refute, break up
vasto verb
ravage, desolate, lay waste, make empty, make vacant, leave uninhabited
vorto verb
veer, overthrow, upturn, turn up, turn about, overturn
verto verb
turn, swap, change, translate, render, overturn
absumo verb
consume, use, waste, ruin, squander
adsolo verb
deuro verb
burn down, burn out, burn up, consume, wither
incoendo verb
incense, light, light up, burn, fire, ignify
incaendo verb
incense, light, light up, burn, fire, ignify
incendo verb
burn, kindle, fire, inflame, light, light up
praecido verb
cut, cut off, clip, lop, break off
praevello verb
pluck, strip, annihilate, exterminate, obliterate
sepelio verb
bury, ruin
surruo verb
sap, undermine, overthrow, corrupt, deprave
subruo verb
undermine, overthrow, sap, corrupt, deprave
protero verb
squash, trample, crunch, brutalize, crush, overthrow
consumo verb
consume, spend, devour, expend, wear out, use
extinguo verb
quench, extinguish, put out, exterminate, deprive of life, deprive of strength
obtero verb
crush, trample, trample on, trample upon, bruise
pervorto verb
overturn, overthrow, put down, throw down, warp, subvert
perverto verb
pervert, corrupt, overthrow, overturn, subvert, put down
subvorto verb
overturn, fell, subvert, overthrow, ravage
subvorso verb
subvert, overthrow, ravage, devastate
subverso verb
overthrow, subvert, ravage, devastate
subverto verb
overthrow, subvert, overturn, fell, ravage
prosterno verb
prostrate, cast down, overthrow, knock down, ruin
deperdo verb
ruin, lose utterly
decerpo verb
gather in, pick, pluck, cull, snatch, take away
destruo verb
pull down, ruin, unbuild
exstinguo verb
extinguish, quench, annihilate, put out, abolish, exterminate
exedo verb
eat up, devour, consume, demolish, ruin
excido verb
fell, cut out, lose, drop, cut off, escape
perseco verb
dissect, cut, cut out, cut down
erado verb
erase, scratch out, scrape out, wipe off, take away
exradico verb
root out, eradicate, eject, get rid of, exterminate, obliterate
eradico verb
uproot, get rid of, root out, eradicate, eject, obliterate
peremo verb
liquidate, restrain, take away, annihilate, slay, kill
perimo verb
slay, kill, take away, cut off, annihilate
corrumpo verb
corrupt, bribe, spoil, break up, break to pieces
labefacto verb
weaken, shake, hotch, hotter, jog, joggle
praecipito verb
throw down, precipitate, haste, ruin, bend low
pessum premo verb
ruin, wreck, deliver to destruction, sink
pessum do verb
wreck, ruin, deliver to destruction, sink
peredo verb
eat away, eat up, devour, absorb, consume, corrode
depopulo verb
depopulate, devastate, waste, ravage, plunder
depopulor verb
depopulate, devastate, waste, ravage, plunder
populo verb
ravage, devastate, despoil, pillage, plunder
populor verb
devastate, ravage, despoil, pillage, plunder
rumpo verb
break, burst, interrupt, break down, fracture, shatter
diruo verb
dismantle, pull, demolish, ruin, pull to pieces
attero verb
waste, rub, rub away, rub against, chafe
interficio verb
slay, kill, murder, extract
concido verb
cut, fall, collapse, cut to pieces, fall down, subside
exscindo verb
abolefacio verb
demolior verb
demolish, pull down
confringo verb
break in pieces, break down, demolish, raze, ruin
aboleo verb
abolish, annul, do away with, supersede, suppress
perdo verb
lose, waste, spoil, ruin, undo
deleo verb
blot, wipe out, cancel, exterminate, erase
profligo verb
spoil, capsize, overturn, upset, bane, overwhelm
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aedificium destruere
Similar Words
devastate verb
populandum, subvorto, subverto, subvorso, peredo
overwhelm verb
obruent, deglutio, coperio, incurso, degluttio
terminate verb
terminantur, termino, rapio, finio
demolish verb
destruam, excindo, annihilo, adnihilo, demolio
shatter noun, verb
et conlidam, claustra, diffringo, disrumpo, clostra
trounce verb
multo, mulcto, macto
wreck verb
wreccum, pessum do, casso, quasso, collabefio
crush verb
contundito, affrango, adfringo, adfrango, affringo
smash verb
Frangit, perfringo, dissolvo, obcillo, occillo
lick verb
lingent, delingo, delambo, allambo, delinguo
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