How to say free in Latin

What's the Latin word for free? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for free
libero verb
deliver, rescue, redeem, release, liberate
solvo verb
solve, loose, pay, release, untie
immunis adjective
immune, exempt, free from, privileged, duty-free
inmoenis adjective
immune, privileged, duty-free, untaxed, retired
immoenis adjective
immune, privileged, duty-free, untaxed, free from
expeditus adjective
easy, ready, unencumbered, without baggage, clear
laxus adjective
relaxed, loose, wide, slack, amplitudinous
pendulus adjective
hanging, dangling, suspended
otiosus adjective
idle, unoccupied, quiet, otiose, unemployed
privus adjective
separate, individual, every, rare, uncommon
missus adjective
sent, despatched, dismissed, thrown, discharged
liber adjective
idle, leisurely, loose, chainless, emancipate
succisivus adjective
cut, abscinded, void, collateral
subsecivus adjective
cut, abscinded, void, collateral
subsicivus adjective
cut, abscinded, void, collateral
subcisivus adjective
cut, abscinded, void, collateral
prosus adjective
detached, loose, unbound
licens adjective
loose, chainless, devoid, emancipate, emancipated
expedius adjective
easy, ready, without baggage, unencumbered
laxo verb
undo, loose, extend, widen, loosen
apsolvo verb
release, acquit, pay off, sum up
salvo verb
save, rescue, liberate, release, ransom
resolvo verb
resolve, loosen, dissolve, loose, relax
praevado verb
vacuo verb
empty, void, vacate, clear
vacuefacio verb
vacate, empty, void, clear, evacuate
luo verb
atone, expiate, make amends, pay, release
extrico verb
extricate, disentangle, release, unravel, clear
mitto verb
send, cast, trickle, send for, let go
emitto verb
send forth, let out, put forth, release, let loose
eripio verb
deliver, rescue, tear away, snatch away, snatch out
vindico verb
avenge, punish, champion, claim, vindicate
expedio verb
unpack, explain, clarify, set forth, clear
eximo verb
exempt, unpack, remove, release, take away
excipio verb
receive, except, capture, welcome, take from
suus adjective
own, proper, independent, personal, individual
inmunis adjective
immune, exempt, privileged, duty-free, untaxed
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Similar Words
disenthrall verb
emancipate adjective, verb
manu misit, emancipatus, liber, licens, emancupatus
unfetter verb
unfetter, expedio
manumit verb
manumittere, libero, manumitto
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