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How to say welcome in Latin

What's the Latin word for welcome? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation


More Latin words for welcome
gratus adjective
agreeable, grateful, pleasing, acceptable, thankful
acceptus adjective
acceptable, agreeable, pleasant
optatus adjective
desired, wished, optative
exoptatus adjective
desired, longed, wished much
jucundus adjective
acceptable, delightful, pleasing, agreeable, sweet
iucundus adjective
delightful, agreeable, enjoyable, acceptable, likable
lepidus adjective
lepid, glamorous, nice, witty, charming
exceptus adjective
excepted, caught, taken from, laid hold, brought out
probatus adjective
approved, proven, tried, esteemed, likeable
volens adjective
willing, ready, favourable, favorable, well-disposed
laetus adjective
colorful, joyful, glad, pleasing, adipose
acceptatus adjective
acceptable, pleasing
saluto verb
salute, greet, visit, hail, wish well
consaluto verb
salute, greet, congratulate, hail, address
excipio verb
receive, except, capture, take from, lay hold of
jubeo verb
command, bid, order, tell, direct
iubeo verb
bid, command, order, tell, direct
amplexo verb
clasp, embrace, accept gladly, cling to
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See Also in English
you are welcome
te gratissimum
you're welcome
te gratissimum
welcome party
grata pars
warm welcome
calidum gratissimum
very welcome adjective
grata, perjucundus, periucundus
welcome back
receperint retro
be welcome
gratissimum erit
welcome to
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