How to say lower in Latin

What's the Latin word for lower? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation
More Latin words for lower
inferior adjective
inferior, humble, subsequent, later, latter
inferius adverb
farther down, further down
demitto verb
send down, let fall, sink, drop, let down
summitto verb
submit, grow, rear, incline, decrease
imminuo verb
diminish, lessen, impair, weaken, detract
inminuo verb
diminish, lessen, detract, abbreviate, impair
minuo verb
diminish, lessen, decrease, reduce, impair
inclino verb
incline, bend, droop, decline, lean
abjicio verb
cast off, cast away, throw aside, throw down, get rid of
succumbo verb
succumb, sink, light, drop, collapse
labor verb
skid, slide, glide, slip, slip down
infernalis adjective
infernal, hellish, nether
infernus adjective
infernal, below, under, hellish, underneath
imus adjective
lowest, inconsiderable, the deepest, undermost, lowermost
inferus adjective
below, southern, hellish, infernal, inferior
tenuo verb
thin, make limpid, lessen, contract, dissolve
concado verb
put down, fall, drop
submitto verb
submit, grow, rear, incline, decrease
abicio verb
cast off, cast away, throw aside, cast aside, throw down
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See Also in English
lower prices
inferioribus prices
lower bound
inferiore vinctum
lower class
classis inferioribus
lower deck
minus exornat
lower part
inferiore parte,
lower limb
membrum inferius
lower back
partis inferioris dorsi
lower case
si minus
lower lip
labrum inferioribus
lower jaw
low adjective, verb, adverb
humilis, mugio, dejecte, humiliter, summissa voce
Similar Words
underneath adjective, preposition, adverb
subter, sub, subtus, infra, supter
subsidiary adjective
subsidiary, subsidiarius
smaller adjective
minor, minutus
nether adjective
neque, infernalis
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