What does inferus mean in Latin?

English Translation
More meanings for inferus
lower adjective
inferior, imus, infernus, infernalis
below adjective
imus, infernus
hellish adjective
infernalis, infernus, nefarius, gehennalis
infernal adjective
infernalis, infernus, stygialis, stygius
inferior adjective
inferior, impar, deterior, imus, infernus
under adjective
infernus, imus
bottom adjective
imus, infernus, infimus, infumus, supremus
underneath adjective
imus, infernus
belonging to the lower world adjective
undermost adjective
imus, infernus, imulus
the deepest adjective
infimus, infumus, imus, imulus, infernus
lowermost adjective
infimus, infumus, imus, infernus
lowest adjective
infimus, ultimus, postremus, extremus, extimus
inmost adjective
intimus, imus, infernus, intumus
bottommost adjective
imulus, imus, infernus
meanest adjective
imus, infernus, infimus, infumus, ultimus
latest adjective
postremus, ultimus, imus, infernus, praeteritus
last adjective
novissimus, ultimus, postremus, imus, infernus
submissive adjective
oboediens, supplex, submissus, summissus, subplex
humble adjective
humilis, supplex, modicus, infractus, demissus
inconsiderable adjective
infimus, infumus, imus, infernus, besalis
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