How to say below in Latin

What's the Latin word for below? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation
More Latin words for below
infra preposition
infra, beneath, under, underneath, on the under side, down south
sub preposition
under, beneath, at, underneath, neath
deorsum adverb
beneath, downward, down, downwards
subter adverb
beneath, underneath, secretly, privately
deosum adverb
down, downwards, beneath
deorsom adverb
beneath, down, downwards
infernus adjective
infernal, lower, under, hellish, underneath
deorsus adverb
beneath, downward, down, downwards
subtus adverb
beneath, underneath
supter adverb
underneath, beneath, secretly, privately
inferne adverb
beneath, on the lower side
funditus adverb
utterly, totally, thoroughly, from the foundations, at the bottom
imus adjective
lowest, inconsiderable, the deepest, undermost, lowermost
inferus adjective
lower, southern, hellish, infernal, inferior
subtum adverb
beneath, underneath
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See Also in English
below average
as below
sicut inferius
mentioned below
fit mencio inferius
below the line
infra rectam
below normal
sub normalis
just below
sicut inferius
here below
hinc deorsum
below zero
nulla inferius
from below
ex inferis
down below
usque deorsum
be low
et humilis
Similar Words
underneath adjective, preposition, adverb
subter, sub, subtus, infra, supter
neath preposition
nescire lapsus, sub
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