How to say grow in Latin

What's the Latin word for grow? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation


More Latin words for grow
gnascor verb
be born, rise, spring forth, dawn, live
concresco verb
clot, curdle, coagulate, congeal, cake
coalesco verb
coalesce, join, unite, root, entrench
summitto verb
lower, submit, rear, incline, decrease
submitto verb
submit, lower, rear, incline, decrease
sero verb
lock, lock up, link up, plant, put in a row
internascor verb
innascor verb
be born in, spring in
pubesco verb
be covered, be clothed
juvenesco verb
grow young
iuvenesco verb
grow young
exaugeo verb
augeo verb
increase, magnify, exaggerate, augment, aggravate
inolesco verb
adulesco verb
adolesco verb
glisco verb
swell, blaze up, kindle, richen
procurro verb
run, greaten, troop off, jut, overhang
insurgo verb
rise, rise against, stand, raise, increase
grandio verb
grandesco verb
become great
incresco verb
increase, accrete, solder
excresco verb
increase, enlarge, rise
cresco verb
increase, rise, wax, spring forth, augment
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grow old verb
veterescent, veterasco, consopio, canesco, opsolesco
grow a beard
crescere barbatum
grow out of
fiunt etiam de correctionibus
grow apart
crescere seorsum
grow into
crescere in
grow out
et germinare
grow on
crescere super
grow up verb
germinare, adcresco, succresco, subolesco, alesco
Similar Words
augment verb
augeretis, macto, procurro, procresco, profero
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