How to say mad in Latin

What's the Latin word for mad? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation

ad insaniam convertunt

More Latin words for mad
demens adjective
insane, foolish, senseless, lunatic, mindless
insanus adjective
insane, crazy, raging, foolish, frenzied
insanio verb
rage, be insane, be crazy, be frenzied, craze
amens adjective
frantic, foolish, out of one's senses, stupid
furiosus adjective
raging, frantic, raving, frenzied, maddening
delirus adjective
nutty, crazy, insane, doting, senseless
vaecors adjective
vecors adjective
phreneticus adjective
frantic, frenetic, phrenetic, delirious
lymphatus adjective
maddened, frantic, crazed, bats, brainsick
lymphaticus adjective
loco, crazed, bats, brainsick, bughouse
vesanus adjective
insane, frenzied, furious, raging, savage
cerritus adjective
crazy, frantic
rabiosus adjective
raging, rabid, furious, fierce, blusterous
rabidus adjective
rabid, crazy, raging, raving, furious
cerebrosus adjective
crazy, hotheaded
furibundus adjective
frantic, frenzied, furious, raging, inspired
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get mad
adepto demens
going mad
ad insaniam convertunt
mad about
de insaniam convertunt
very mad adjective
ipsum ad insaniam convertunt, elleborosus
gone mad
abiit ad insaniam convertunt
mad dog
canis ad insaniam convertunt
mad cow
vitula eligans ad insaniam convertunt
be mad verb
insaniat, delero, furo, rabio, dementio
mad at
ad insaniam convertunt
go mad
ad insaniam convertunt
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