How to say stupid in Latin

What's the Latin word for stupid? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation
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stultus adjective
foolish, silly, unwise, fatuous, fatuitous
stupidus adjective
dull, stuporous, astounded, amazed, bemused
stolidus adjective
foolish, absurd, dumb, forceless, powerless
bardus adjective
dull, slow
insulsus adjective
unsalted, tasteless, unsavory, insipid, absurd
amens adjective
mad, frantic, foolish, out of one's senses
gurdus adjective
aethiops adjective
retusus adjective
blunt, dull, pigheaded, boneheaded, numskulled
retunsus adjective
goofy, blunt, nerdy, dull, pigheaded
socors adjective
apathetic, weak-minded, senseless, apathetical, inactive
plumbeus adjective
leaden, dull, worthless, plumbeous, blunt
insciens adjective
unaware, unknowing, ignorant, silly
inscitus adjective
ignorant, inexperienced, incompetent, unskillful, unskilful
indocilis adjective
indocile, unteachable, bearish, untaught, ignorant
brutus adjective
irrational, dull, heavy, unwieldy, imbecile
hebes adjective
dull, sluggish, dim, blunt, faint
stultividus adjective
silly, foolish
fatuus adjective
foolish, fatuous, silly, idiotic, fatuitous
laevus adjective
left, bumbling, foolish, gauche, ungainly
barosus adjective
foolish, weak, effeminate
baceolus adjective
slow-witted, unintelligent, inept, foolish, silly
asinalis adjective
asinine, doltish
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stupid bastard
stultus bastardis
stupid person
homo stultus
stupid woman
stultus mulier
stupid thing
stultus est
stupid fool
stultus stultus
very stupid adjective
stultus ipsum, praestupidus
stupid cow
vacca foeda
stupid man
homo stultus
get stupid
ut stulti
be stupid
stulti erunt
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