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Filmed in Japan, this tells the story of mad scientist Dr. Bragan who develops a giant carnivorous plant that walks like a man.
It all seemed like a mad dream that couldn't possibly be true but also could hardly be otherwise, and Sophia couldn't escape it.
Just once in a while, I stumble on a little piece of evidence that proves the world is as mad as I'm starting to think it is.
Many others would have driven themselves mad chasing shadows for 12 fruitless rounds.
He said she was a stirrer and a tell tat and he was really mad.
There were others who, in perhaps the first act of political idealism in their lives, renounced MAD in protest over its editor's departure.
When you leave a family behind in the east or the old country and have no one to talk to for months on end but your tight-lipped husband and the wind, you may go mad.
It was lucky, I thought, that Kathy and Ken were complete polar opposites, because if I had been stuck with two Ken's throughout this I would have gone mad.
But what most of you may not know is that the mad hatter is based on a true story involving the hat makers in eighteenth century London who went mad from their lead hats.
Roddenberry had actually pitched the concept in the 1970s, albeit in a more Mad Max post-apocalyptic kind of setting.
The Mad Aunt and I were accompanied by her son and his partner, all of whom are foodies, veggies or both.
What if a feedlot were implanted with the virus causing foot-and-mouth disease, anthrax, or Mad Cow disease?
This Cheese Rolling thing is MAD, and I still can't believe how steep the hill was either, cripes!
More than 1,000 pinners are expected to descend upon Mad River's densely forested slopes for this genuflectors gala.
Using the down-and-dirty tactics needed to survive in a family of 13 siblings, Mad Dog and Butcher emerged as true Canadian cripplers.
Mad strobe lighting during the chorus was a fun dramatic flourish but I wish they'd put a bit more death metal in the guitars.
All I'll be doing is talking about my book, Mad Art, which chronicles the splendid illustrators for Mad Magazine.
So Mad Brad goes down to the cop shop and gives him the denial version of events.
But beyond that Monty Pythonesque moment of mad meandering, all this past-timing got me pondering the ponderous.
I'd spent the early evening goofing around with a bottle of Mad Dog, then decided to take a little nap before shuffling off to the liquor store to stock up for the night.
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He was at white heat, fighting mad, and cared little what he said to these rowdyish intruders.
He tore along as a beast does in the rutting season, from its mad desire to be alone.
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