How to say foolish in Latin

What's the Latin word for foolish? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation


More Latin words for foolish
stultus adjective
stupid, silly, unwise, fatuous, fatuitous
insipiens adjective
senseless, unwise
imprudens adjective
unwise, inadvertent, imprudent, ignorant, unaware
baburrus adjective
vanus adjective
vain, idle, empty, trifling, hollow
inanis adjective
vain, empty, void, inane, futile
inprudens adjective
careless, unwise, inadvertent, imprudent, ignorant
insanus adjective
insane, mad, crazy, raging, frenzied
amens adjective
mad, frantic, out of one's senses, stupid
barosus adjective
stupid, weak, effeminate
stultividus adjective
silly, stupid
morus adjective
morologus adjective
absurd, daffy, fatuitous, fatuous, inane
laevus adjective
left, bumbling, gauche, ungainly, sinistral
fatuus adjective
fatuous, silly, stupid, idiotic, fatuitous
demens adjective
mad, insane, senseless, lunatic, mindless
stolidus adjective
stupid, absurd, dumb, forceless, powerless
ineptus adjective
silly, inept, senseless, unfit, absurd
baceolus adjective
stupid, slow-witted, unintelligent, inept, silly
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foolish person
stultum hominem
foolish thing
quia insipienter egi
be foolish
esse stultum
Similar Words
senseless adjective
juméntis insipiéntibus, insipiens, demens, excors, ineptus
imprudent adjective
imprudentem esse;, imprudens, inprudens, temerarius, inconspectus
witless adjective
mentis inops, inurbanus
idiotic adjective
fatuus, plennus
fatuous adjective
fatua, fatuus, stultus, morologus, vanus
stupid adjective
stultus, stupidus, stolidus, bardus, baceolus
unwise adjective
imprudentis condulcabitur, insipiens, insapiens, imprudens, stultus
silly adjective
ridiculum, ineptus, stultus, leviculus, baceolus
daft adjective
cerritulus, lymphatus, lymphaticus
dumb adjective
muta, mutus, stolidus
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