How to say silly in Latin

What's the Latin word for silly? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation
More Latin words for silly
ineptus adjective
foolish, inept, senseless, unfit, absurd
stultus adjective
foolish, stupid, unwise, fatuous, fatuitous
leviculus adjective
unwise, bubbleheaded, clueless, footling, vain
baburrus adjective
ridicularius adjective
gelastic, funny, laughable, amusing, comic
ridiculosus adjective
ridiculous, harlequin, funny, laughable, amusing
ridiculus adjective
funny, ridiculous, absurd, ludicrous, whimsical
bliteus adjective
vanus adjective
vain, idle, foolish, empty, trifling
infans adjective
speechless, inarticulate, tacit, mute, faltering
laeviculus adjective
clueless, unwise, bubbleheaded, footling, vain
laevus adjective
left, bumbling, foolish, gauche, ungainly
morus adjective
fatuus adjective
foolish, fatuous, stupid, idiotic, fatuitous
stultividus adjective
foolish, stupid
insciens adjective
unaware, unknowing, ignorant, stupid
plennus adjective
dribbling, idiotic, drivelling, slavering, childish
baceolus adjective
stupid, slow-witted, unintelligent, inept, foolish
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See Also in English
silly bugger
pedicabo ego inepta
silly season
ridiculum suo
silly person
homo stultus
silly things
stulta sunt
silly billy
ridiculum billy
silly thing
ridiculum est
silly goose
adipis anserini inepta
very silly adjective
nimis inepta,, perdelirus
be silly
sit inepta,
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