How to say request in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for request? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for request
要求 noun
Yōkyū demand, requisition
求める verb
Motomeru seek, demand, want, ask for, search
請求 noun
Seikyū claim, demand, application
要請 noun
Yōsei demand, claim, application
求め noun
Motome demand, appeal, claim
申請 noun
Shinsei application, petition
申し込み noun
Mōshikomi application, subscription, offer, proposal, entry
願い noun
Negai wish, desire, prayer, petition, application
申込 noun
Mōshikomi application, subscription, offer, proposal, entry
申出 noun
Mōshide proposal, report, notice, claim
頼み noun
Tanomi dependancy, favor, trust, reliance, dependence
申し込む verb
Mōshikomu apply, subscribe, propose, offer, book
頼む verb
Tanomu ask, beg, rely, hire, engage
需要 noun
Juyō demand
用命 noun
Yōmei order, command
懇請 noun
Konsei appeal, entreaty
申し出る verb
Mōshideru submit, report, tell, suggest, make an offer
乞う verb
Kou ask, invite
願う verb
Negau hope, wish, desire, beg, implore
運用 noun
Un'yō investment, application, practical use, formal request
請い noun
Koi inquiry, petition, solicitation, supplication, entreaty
仰せ付ける verb
Ōsetsukeru command, appoint
言い含める verb
Iifukumeru instruct, admonish, direct, prescribe, enact
請う verb
Kou ask, invite
求む verb
Motomu seek, want
控訴 noun
Kōso appeal, suit, petition, claim, application
主張 noun
Shuchō claim, assertion, insistence, contention, opinion
所望 noun
Shomō desire, wish
催促する verb
Saisoku suru demand, press, urge, claim
申し出で noun
Mōshiide proposal, claim, report, notice
要請する verb
Yōsei suru request
要望する verb
Yōbō suru demand
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