How to say appeal in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for appeal? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for appeal
アピール verb
Apīru appeal
控訴 noun
Kōso suit, petition, claim, request, application
訴える verb
Uttaeru sue, resort, accuse, appeal to
上訴 noun
Jōso appeal
上告 noun
Jōkoku appeal
嘆願 noun
Tangan petition, supplication, entreaty, suit
求め noun
Motome request, demand, claim
懇請 noun
Konsei request, entreaty
迫力 noun
Hakuryoku force, intensity, strength
見栄え noun
Mibae appearance, attractiveness, attraction, vanity, display
求める verb
Motomeru seek, request, demand, want, ask for
哀願 noun
Aigan entreaty, petition, supplication
陳情 noun
Chinjō petition
呼び掛ける verb
Yobikakeru call out, address, accost
シャルム noun
Sharumu seductiveness, charm, fascination, allure, attractiveness
蠱惑 noun
Kowaku rapture, glamor, fascination, attraction, charm
見栄 noun
Mie vanity, appearance, show, display, charm
見映 noun
Mi Ei charm, attraction, attractiveness, allure, fascination
頼む verb
Tanomu ask, beg, request, rely, hire
拝み倒す verb
Ogamitaosu deprecate, beseech, flagitate, implore, supplicate
泣き付く verb
Nakitsuku cling in tears, beg in tears, throw oneself on mercy
哀訴 noun
Aiso complaint
檄を飛ばす verb
Gekiwotobasu issue a manifesto
懇請する verb
Konsei suru appeal
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