What does 頼む (Tanomu) mean in Japanese?

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More meanings for 頼む (Tanomu)
ask verb
尋ねる, 問う, 聞く, 訊く, 請う
beg verb
願う, 拝み倒す
request verb
求める, 申し込む, 申し出る, 乞う, 願う
rely verb
頼る, 便る, 期待する
hire verb
雇う, 借りる, 借り上げる, 傭う, 借り受ける
engage verb
招く, 召し抱える, 婚約させる, 噛み合わせる
appeal verb
アピール, 訴える, 求める, 呼び掛ける, 泣き付く
entrust verb
委ねる, 任せる, 預ける, 委せる, 任す
count on verb
頼る, 当て込む, 待つ, 便る
implore verb
願う, 伺う, 拝み倒す
intrust verb
委ねる, 委せる, 任せる, 預ける, 任す
charge verb
申し受ける, 問う, 被せる, 突っ掛かる
employ verb
使う, 雇う, 傭う, 召し抱える, 召し使う
depend verb
頼る, 依る, 待つ, 便る, 次第である
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Similar Words
招待する verb
Shōtai suru invite, bid
フェッチ verb
Fetchi fetch
来たす verb
Kitasu cause, result, beget, call away, conduce
上げる verb
Ageru increase, raise, give, fly, elevate
訊く verb
Kiku ask, inquire, question, interrogate, query
巻き込む verb
Makikomu involve, engulf, enfold, roll up, warp
申し出る verb
Mōshideru offer, request, submit, report, tell
プット verb
Putto put, seat, settle, lay, deposit
要する verb
Yōsuru be required, require, take, demand
願う verb
Negau hope, wish, desire, request, beg
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