How to say free in Indonesian

What's the Indonesian word for free? Here's a list of translations.

Indonesian Translation
More Indonesian words for free
gratis adjective
complimentary, free of charge, gratis, no charge, gratuitous
membebaskan verb
release, liberate, relieve, deliver, rid
bebas adjective
independent, exempt, released, open, loose
melepaskan verb
release, let go, let, remove, disconnect
luang adjective
vacant, empty
merdeka adjective
independent, sovereign, self-determined
kosong adjective
empty, blank, vacant, bare, hollow
lepas adjective
freelance, loose, casual, open, released
leluasa adjective
liberal, unimpeded, lavish
memerdekakan verb
liberate, emancipate, set free, disenthrall, make free
terluang adjective
spare, vacant, uncovered, open
lega adjective
relieved, roomy
dgn gratis adverb
los adjective
unrestricted, loose, slack
prei adjective
unhampered, broke, empty
dgn bebas adverb
freely, loosely, without restraint, liberally
meloskan verb
melupuntukan verb
perei adjective
unhampered, broke, empty, loose
perai adjective
broke, empty, unhampered, loose
khali adjective
carefree, unoccupied, deserted
perdeo adjective
gratuitous, gratis
prodeo adjective
without cost
lancang adjective
sassy, presumptuous, impudent, pushy, forward
terus terang adverb
honestly, forthright, plainly, openly, straight
lapang adjective
roomy, spacious, open, commodious, capacious
memperlepas verb
vent, let out, release, deliver
memperlepaskan verb
let out, release, deliver, vent
cuma-cuma adverb
in vain, vain, free of charge, gratuitous, gratis, for love
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