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How to say strike in French

What's the French word for strike? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for strike
la grève noun
stoppage, strand, walkout, bank, lockout
la frappe noun
striking, hitting, knock, coinage, touch
frapper verb
hit, knock, beat, impact, punch
le strike noun
rayer verb
remove, delete, strike out, stripe, rule out
heurter verb
hit, offend, bump, knock, collide with
attaquer verb
attack, assault, hit, impugn, assail
toucher verb
touch, affect, feel, hit, receive
conclure verb
conclude, finish, close, sign, infer
battre verb
beat, fight, defeat, hit, flap
porter verb
wear, carry, bear, take, reach
sonner verb
ring, sound, toll, chime, go off
biffer verb
cross, cross out, cancel, stroke
démonter verb
disassemble, dismantle, dismount, take apart, strip
la touche noun
key, touch, fingerboard, note, look
terrasser verb
crush, floor, strike down, terrace, poleaxe
rencontrer verb
meet, encounter, experience, face, come across
allumer verb
turn on, switch on, light up, kindle, burn
lutter verb
fight, combat, struggle, battle, strive
jouer verb
play, act, perform, game, play out
mordre verb
bite, snap, take, bite on, catch
ferrer verb
shoe, rim
se mettre en grève verb
walk out, stage a walkout, lock out
le ferrage noun
striking, shoening
découvrir verb
discover, find, see, find out, experience
les raid aérien noun
air raid
faire une grève verb
serrer verb
tighten, clamp, hug, pinch, constrict
entrer en grève verb
lock out, go one better than
se toucher verb
touch, be in contact
la découverte noun
discovery, find, detection, exploration, exposure
faire entendre verb
lancer un raid verb
frapper avec couteau verb
serrer la main verb
hand, shake hand, clasp, clench, palm
donner un coup de poing verb
hit with fist, punch, clout
s'allumer verb
catch fire
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