How to say catch in French

What's the French word for catch? Here's a list of translations.

French Translation
More French words for catch
la capture noun
capture, seizure, recapture
attraper verb
seize, snare, trick, catch at, get the wind up
la attrape noun
sell, hocus-pocus
prendre verb
take, have, assume, take up, pick up
la prise noun
taking, outlet, take, intake, grip
capturer verb
capture, take, seize, recapture, track down
saisir verb
seize, grasp, take, grab, understand
attirer verb
attract, draw, bring, entice, appeal to
le loquet noun
latch, hasp, safety latch
pêcher verb
fish, hook, land
surprendre verb
surprise, amaze, startle, overhear, overtake
arrêter verb
stop, arrest, quit, shut down, turn off
coincer verb
jam, trap, wedge, corner, stick
atteindre verb
reach, achieve, attain, arrive, affect
comprendre verb
understand, include, comprise, comprehend, realize
la chasse noun
hunting, hunt, chase, shooting, quarry
captiver verb
captivate, enthrall, fascinate, engross, hold in thrall
las arrestation noun
arrest, detention, apprehension, seizure, recapture
ressaisir verb
piquer verb
prick, sting, bite, pique, puncture
ne pas manquer verb
mordre verb
bite, snap, take, bite on, strike
le canon noun
gun, cannon, barrel, round, spout
fasciner verb
fascinate, mesmerize, captivate, bewitch, spellbind
le jeu de balle noun
ball game
réussir à voir verb
attacher à verb
stick by, cherish, tether, cling
fermer verb
close, shut, seal, lock, turn off
interrompre verb
interrupt, stop, discontinue, break, terminate
faire tomber dans le piège verb
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