What does (Wèi) mean in Chinese?

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More meanings for 为 (Wèi)
for preposition
对于, , , ,
be verb
, , , ,
serve as verb
充当, ,
act as verb
become verb
成为, 变成, , ,
make verb
使, 制作, , 使得,
mean verb
意味着, 表示, 意味, 意图
because of conjunction
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为此 adverb
Wèi cǐ to this end, for this reason, in this respect, with regards to this, in order to do this
到目前为止 adverb
Dào mùqián wéizhǐ so far, until now
为什么 adverb
Wèishéme why, how
以为 verb
Yǐwéi think, believe, consider
成为 verb
Chéngwéi become, turn into
行为 noun
Xíngwéi behavior, conduct, action, activity, doings
认为 verb
Rènwéi think, believe, consider, feel, deem
为了 preposition, conjunction
Wèile in order to, for the purpose of, so as to
因为 preposition, conjunction
Yīnwèi because, since, for, that, owing to
作为 verb, noun
Zuòwéi as, act, action, deed, conduct
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