What does (Yú) mean in Chinese?

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More meanings for 于 (Yú)
in preposition
, , , 其中, 里边
to preposition
, , , ,
on preposition
, 关于, , 上面, 上边
for preposition
对于, , , ,
at preposition
, , , , 靠近
of preposition
with regard to preposition
关于, 对于
in regard to preposition
关于, 对于
when conjunction
regarding preposition
关于, 对于
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终于 adverb
Zhōngyú at last, finally, eventually, in the end
基于 preposition
Jīyú based on, due to, because of, in view of
位于 adjective, verb
Wèiyú lie in, located, situated, lie, situate
等于 verb
Děngyú equal, be equal, amount
于是 preposition, conjunction, adverb
Yúshì then, thus, and then, whereupon, hence
对于 preposition, phrase
Duìyú for, regarding, about, with regard to, towards
由于 preposition
Yóuyú due to, because of, as a result of, owing to, thanks to
属于 noun, verb
Shǔyú belong, pertain, be classified, appertaining, appertain
关于 preposition, verb, adverb
Guānyú on, about, regarding, respect, with respect to
至于 preposition, conjunction
Zhìyú as for, touching
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