What does (Gěi) mean in Chinese?

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More meanings for 给 (Gěi)
to preposition
, , , ,
give verb
给予, 赐给, 给以, 发给,
for preposition
对于, , , ,
supply verb
供应, 提供, 供给, , 补给
provide verb
提供, 规定, 供给, , 供应
leave verb
离开, , , , 出发
let verb
, 允许, 出租, 放出,
grant verb
准许, 准予, 发放, 承认, 发给
allow verb
允许, , 容许, 准许,
present verb
介绍, , 表达, , 呈递
furnish verb
提供, 供给, 陈设, , 输送
for the benefit of adverb
tip verb
翻倒, 倾倒, , , 倾卸
vouchsafe verb
suffer verb
遭受, 受苦, , 受到, 苦于
admit verb
承认, 接纳, 录取, , 吸收
set up verb
设置, 建立, 成立, 设立,
fit out verb
lay on verb
store verb
储存, 储藏, , ,
sustain verb
支持, 承受, 支撑, 撑持, 蒙受
accommodate verb
容纳, 迁就, 和解,
presume verb
, 假定, 假设, ,
invest verb
投资, 花费
issue verb
发出, 发布, 颁发, , 发表
permit verb
允许, 许可, 准许, 容许,
stock verb
采购, 放牧
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See Also in Chinese
赐给 verb
Cì gěi give, bestow
配给 adjective, verb, noun
Pèijǐ rationing, ration, rationed, allocate, allotment
补给 verb
Bǔjǐ supply
给予 verb
Jǐyǔ give, accord, afford, render, show respect
供给 adjective, noun, verb
Gōngjǐ supply, provide, provided, furnish, purveyance
自给自足 noun
Zì jǐ zìzú self-sufficiency, autarky
自给 adjective
Zìgěi subsistence, self-supporting, self-sufficient
让给 verb
Ràng gěi give, fall back
分给 verb
Fēn gěi divide
发给 noun, verb
Fā gěi issued, give, grant, deliver, dispense
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