What is the adjective for rat?

What's the adjective for rat? Here's the word you're looking for.

Included below are past participle and present participle forms for the verb rat which may be used as adjectives within certain contexts.

  1. Similar to a rat or an aspect of a rat
  1. (Britain, slang) intoxicated
  2. Synonyms:
    1. drunk, intoxicated, drunken, tight, blitzed, smashed, bombed, canned, plastered, tipsy, hammered, sloshed, wasted, inebriated, pickled, stewed, wrecked, maudlin, merry, soaked, loaded, sottish, steaming, blotto, stoned, befuddled, legless, under the influence, bladdered, pie-eyed, soused, incapable, paralytic, sozzled, tanked, tiddly, fuddled, gin-soaked, tippling, toping, blasted, blind drunk, dead drunk, lashed, roaring drunk, rolling drunk, woozy, zonked, flying, mullered, out of it, worse for drink, bevvied, drunk as a lord, lit up, reeling, squiffy, trashed, under the table, wired, worse for wear, blatted, boozed-up, cock-eyed, drunk as a skunk, guttered, juiced, stinko, tanked up, well oiled, as drunk as a lord, as drunk as a skunk, rat-arsed, squiffed, three sheets to the wind, trolleyed, cut, dronkverdriet, elephants, ripped, slaughtered, steamed, two sheets to the wind, well-oiled, arseholed, crock, fou, half cut, kaylied, langered, mashed, sauced, steamboats, swacked, well away, besotted, full, inebriate, ossified, sat, shickered, shot, stukkend, zoned, Brahms and Liszt, broken, having had a skinful, inked, lekker, liquored up, munted, bacchic, blind, boozy, cockeyed, crapulent, crapulous, crocked, ebrious, foxed, fried, gassed, high, impaired, lit, looped, monged, oiled, pixilated, potted, screwed, slang, sotted, stiff, stinking, strung out, tired and emotional, wet, as pissed as a fart, as pissed as a newt, babalas, bibulous, ebriate, ebriose, fu', grogged up, in the bag, off your face, Adrian Quist, bashed, buzzed, flushed, glazed, groggy, having had one over the eight, laced, lush, monged out, muddled, out to it, snockered, tanked-up, totaled, wiped out, half seas over, as full as a goog, as tight as a tick, boozed up, seeing double, feeling no pain, one over the eight
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