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Sentence Examples
I am also a vegetarian and attempt to relocate spiders rather than squashing them flat.
Like other kids, when I was small we used to try to make wine, squashing grapes in a bucket.
His face was redder than the tomatoes he was squashing under foot and spittle flew from his mouth as he lumbered toward his wife.
I shrugged, dropping my half burned cigarette to the ground, squashing it beneath my foot.
Irene, therefore, reclined her chair back, squashing the passengers in the row behind her.
I didn't really understand how it was squashing my spirit until I was a little older.
She considers squashing the insect between her fingers, but decides not to.
Ultimately, maintenance drained the water tank, squashing that tricky freezing problem, and we took off.
I've been squashing the flies as I see them but now I can put up sticky traps and let them catch themselves.
Danny had to jump out of the way of one car that spun out of the road and into someone's garden, knocking over a gnome and squashing a frog emerging from a pond.
Try squashing the barbs on two of the three points to ease removal.
Why bother squashing minor-league competitors in the Majority World when sales there are such a small slice of the pie and the industry earns obscene profits anyway?
Not one to be bowed by the stereotype of an ugly American, Bill jumps all over his hapless prey like an elephant squashing a kitten to get to a saucer of milk.
I of course could not sleep for fear of rolling over and squashing her.
It feels like someone's sitting on your chest and squashing it, and you can't usually speak either, which doesn't help if you're trying to get help.
Before squashing, the roots were washed in water to remove the fixative.
I'm attacking our philadelphus today because it's squashing the wife's bloomers.
Rachel came in, and Nick felt he'd been caught larking about, Catherine squashing him like some bolshie teenage attempt at seduction.
A win for gravity would mean a Big Crunch squashing everything and another possibility is the Big Freeze, where expansion leaves the universe too cold for life.
Examples from Classical Literature
The roof broke under his greater weight, and he fell through on his master, squashing him flatter than a pan-cake.
Fortunately for her the milk in the revolving churn at that moment changed its squashing for a decided flick-flack.
The pike whistled over his head, barely missing, and he was up, squashing the big stone into the face of the other.
It is that of patiently garnering youthful potato-bugs and squashing the accumulated harvest between two bricks.
The villages went off one after another with a soft, squashing noise.
Once more, the Dover mail struggled on, with the jack-boots of its passengers squashing along by its side.
I was only squashing in the brim and trying to make the hat smaller.
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