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Going into the last and final round, the scheduled 12 rounder had been squashed up, squeezed down and condensed into the space of three minutes.
It's quite weird because they're squashed between bits of transparent perspex, so you can see them in their flattened state.
The combination of tying new cows-tails, and having a squashed thumb led to another hour's faff.
A few days later and the squashed plants have recovered, the trellis doesn't look quite so glaringly new and the clematis is about to flower.
This will not be the end of uncomfortable and incorrect patent claims but this is certainly one that can be squashed and so hopefully will be.
We walked over to a paddling of ducks squashed into a little defrosted section of a frozen lake.
Improved road design could mean fewer squashed hedgehogs and other mammal casualties, according to experts.
The keypad is squashed at the bottom of the phone fascia, making one-handed text typing tricky.
When I started stammering something about plans I already had, Claire squashed all my hopes for getting out of it.
The squash bug is shield shaped and if you have ever squashed one you probably remember the smell.
She needled him with such venom from behind her thick lenses that Seb was visibly squashed.
I've heard some talk about that, but I hope I squashed the rumours adequately.
I hope that the whole idea will be squashed at this early stage, but if it goes further I will fight to keep our right to regional labelling.
Port Street is a litter of unrelated architecture and closed businesses and again proposals to inject new life are being squashed.
One benefit of the committee is that since ideas become public immediately, an individual idea can't be squashed by only one manager.
Many an enthusiastic proposal has been squashed by an economist with a calculator and too much time on his hands.
Khalid, understandably enough, was of the opinion that rebellion could not be squashed.
The feelings, however, had to be squashed immediately and that's exactly what he did.
The bubbly romantic feelings Delaney was having were quickly squashed as she pulled out her palm pilot again and stared at Tanya's name.
Brass insists doubts over City's character and commitment can be firmly squashed in the wake of Saturday's 2-0 victory over Cambridge United.
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She had seen it on the floor too, with a rotten apple squashed over it, for the farm had changed its politics from time to time.
I am not going to elbow myself about and be squashed flat for their pleasure.
A few more inches to the left, and he would have fallen on and squashed it flat.
We climbed the trees and cut our names, we sucked the sap of the box elder and squashed poke berries for war paint.
He was in here a moment ago to ask if your nose was squashed.
He was squashed back into his couch under four gees' acceleration.
The beautiful salmon boat lay on the hard sand, squashed flat as a pancake, while on it were perched French Frank's schooner and the Reindeer.
It will be easier, however, when I know you have squashed all about Pam.
Then Harris packed the strawberry jam on top of a tomato and squashed it, and they had to pick out the tomato with a teaspoon.
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