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Obtuse terminology squashes out the real words, leaving you with a strange sense of emptiness.
Many parents were unsure of how to prepare some of the fresh vegetables, such as eggplant and some squashes.
Fruits and vegetables include onions, carrots, plums, pears, grapes, apricots, and all kinds of melons and squashes.
Sow sweetcorn, French and runner beans and, in all but very cold areas, courgettes and squashes.
This is one of the tastier winter squashes, with creamy pulp that tastes a bit like sweet potatoes.
What would you suggest doing with the two enormous Hubbard squashes in the garden?
My Lakota Hubbard squashes seem to be having an issue with blossom-end rot.
However, spaghetti squash has a shorter storage life of two months and Hubbard squashes can be kept for up to six months.
Lorne Fitts, master gardener, adjusts the irrigation system for his Delicata and Hubbard squashes at the community garden.
Buttercups, various Hubbard squashes and giant prize-winning pumpkins belong to Cucurbita maxima.
They average five to ten pounds, and have been developed from the American Hubbard squashes, resulting in a similarity to the Golden Hubbards.
I have never had Hubbard squashes pruned into such artistic shapes as that year.
Jam, jellies, marmalades, candies, fruit syrups, squashes, chutney, pickles, ketchup and sauce are in the menu.
Most households include cordials or squashes in their shopping lists and, as a father, I have informed views of my own.
Fresh vegetables, as peas, beans, potatoes, squashes, and ripe fruits, in their season, are all wholesome, and help to relieve costiveness.
Southern tribes raised winter crooknecks, cushaws, and green and white striped sweet potato squashes.
Others prefer a natural look, arranging squashes, gourds, pumpkins and other spheroid Cucurbita in a pastoral style.
This SC karyotype is very similar to karyotypes developed from pachytene chromosome squashes.
The larger winter squashes such as the Green Mountain, Hubbard, and banana, are also desirable varieties.
Good sources of carotenoids include winter squashes, carrots, apricots, broccoli and green leafy vegetables such as collard greens.
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Like the Summer crookneck, the scolloped squashes are used while young or in a green state.
How far watermelons and muskmelons, or squashes with melons, will hybridize, is uncertain.
As we rode up the draw, we skirted a big melon patch, and a garden where squashes and yellow cucumbers lay about on the sod.
Summer squashes are prolific and eventually, it is impossible to even give them away.
There is still time to get good results from tomatoes, corn and summer squashes.
We were glad to go in and get warm by his kitchen stove and to see his squashes and Christmas melons, heaped in the storeroom for winter.
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