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Amputations and suchlike in the hospitals are seen very briefly as people push through the crowds of injured and dying.
Feeling threatened, the Internet community tried to push through net neutrality rules that said every packet should be treated equally.
The gauzy curtains might represent flimsy barriers that will be easy for you to push through to get what you need.
In addition, perennial weeds, such as nutsedge and dandelions, often have enough energy to push through the fabric.
Chancing upon a brightly-lit restaurant, we push through the plastic streamers over the entrance and find a table.
That is why the ruling class is insisting on the formation of a national unity government to push through its agenda.
He is also championing the creation of eco-towns and aims to push through a Climate Change bill.
Mark said, giving her a small push through the door and closing it behind her.
Obviously that's a very subjective sieve to push through a juror, because the juror has to make an introspective judgment of himself.
Chaos erupted during a heavy cloudburst, forcing the large crowd to push through entrances for shelter.
The objective would be to try to push through a referendum on four year terms with the crucial how-to-vote card backing of both major parties.
Astoundingly, presidents have, in the past, managed to push through agendas they really care about.
We push through a mass of bodies, eyes locked forwards, until the front is within sight.
The government was reluctant to push through the sort of housecleaning that the United States went through in its recent crisis.
Smiling as he saw a customer push through the doors, he fought to swallow his irritation.
All of the vehicles push through the kill zone as quickly as possible, advancing approximately 300 meters.
But if psychology is in fact beginning to shift in Europe, it could well make it easier for gun-shy governments to push through more meaningful reforms.
Last year, her group successfully helped push through a measure that made the sale of cat fur illegal in the country.
These are the kind of challenges the first gay NFL player will likely have to clench his teeth and push through.
Is it because of a growing cynicism against anything the government tries to push through without proper consultation, or is it unjustifiable paranoia on my part?
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Examples from Classical Literature
He edged away towards his horse and heard her push through the bushes to hers.
No Englishman ever endeavours to push through a gate that is always bolted.
If it is too thin the stylus point is likely to push through it.
Then he tried to push through, but it grew thicker and thicker, and he was in despair.
When you have the front to push through the plate glass, you see me first.
They were too small to push through the cohesive forces that hold water molecules together and were trapped below the surface.
Why didn't you push through and get hold of the treasure at the first?
We were prospecting and it was our intention, if we found nothing, to push through to the Gila river at some point near Big Bend, where we understood there was a settlement.
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