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Otherwise they hold on to whatever touches them, and the chain will have enough lube on it to moisten up the cogs where it contacts each one.
Every atom of me still wants to hold on to those childish beliefs that sometime in the future it will all be different.
Customers on late flights may want to hold on to their boarding passes and check their accounts frequently to see if the miles post.
I still had a hold on the lunge line so I swiveled around and was able to stop him before he got completely away.
It would seem that the professor, in attempting to explain politics and religion to us, has lost his hold on common sense.
Mercifully, the tyrannical personality cult has been vanquished and one man's maniacal hold on the populace is over.
Nature periodically reminds Australians just how fragile their hold on the land is.
The final results in the separate events of the combined exercises showed that the Hungarians still have their hold on the pommel horse.
He reaches over, takes my hand, and I just squeeze my eyes tight and try not to hold on too hard.
More thundery showers are predicted for tomorrow and Thursday, before persistent rain takes hold on Friday and Saturday.
Do you have any idea how long a hold on new space shuttle takeoffs will continue?
So you'd have to hold on to the tap, and drop in the transformer plugged into an extension lead from your hallway.
On Thursday, the senator agreed to lift his hold on promotions of 127 Air Force captains and majors.
Okay, so I'm going to try to get through the window, and you guys have to hold on to my ankles, and then I'll unbar the door so we can get out.
His hold on power is even more reliant on personal loyalties and their reinforcement by material rewards and mortal penalties.
The secretary said in that sugary sweet voice that she was patching him through to the main office, and to hold on just a sec, hon.
Nothing more was needed than a steady hold on the reins of her trusty steed.
It's taken a while, but my passion flower has really taken hold on my side wall and is now putting out loads of these fantastic blooms.
He felt something warm splash him just before he gave up his hold on consciousness and blacked out.
The Temple of Jerusalem still retains a remarkable hold on the human imagination.
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Examples from Classical Literature
On the following day, the head sea having gone down, I sailed from Yarmouth, and let go my last hold on America.
Lay hold on the poor devil, right end foremost, zoon as I have stopped uns praching.
There was a blue flash, my hold on the ladder relaxed, and I fell heavily to the ground unconscious!
That gun carried thousands of volts, with lots of amperage behind them, and if I had had a good hold on it I couldn't have let go.
It seems very unfriendly in old Rayleigh to keep such a hold on the property, when Mr Jeeks is willing to buy him off.
And jackeen told me after that it had laid hold on his trousers, and he didn't sleep all night with the fright he got.
The usurers received their hold on the state in a time of the greatest need.
Its hold on the affections of womankind has never been stronger than it is to-day.
I have a hold on every man beneath me that prevents him from knifing me in the back.
The new Lancastrian dynasty had not as yet secured a firm hold on the kingdom.
They overgrow the dwarf stocks very strongly and thus do not have a very firm hold on the ground.
His faith in Spiritualism and swedenborgianism lost their hold on him and gave way to a more philosophic condition of mind.
A grapple-armed machine laid hold on one of the wrecked beetles and, whining with effort, sought to drag it to leveler ground.
But I'd liefer sweep th' streets, if paupers had na' got hold on that work.
He had never let go of Nina's hand, but now he did, getting a lifeguard's hold on her.
These were all potent reasons why Chile wanted to keep its hold on Tacna and Arica.
He tried to back away from her, oblivious to the fact that by his hold on her he dragged her after him.
In that way only it seemed to me I could keep my hold on the redeeming facts of life.
If the thing were to be done over again, I think I should hold on to my prisoners.
The memorandum testifies to the strength of Bruce's hold on the country, and to the recalcitrance of Edward's barons.
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