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Only some conservative Swiss Mennonites and Amish still hold on to the sixteenth-century forms of their creed.
Meanwhile, Democrats will be struggling to hold on to their razor-thin majority in the Senate.
And with a third of the vote in, Hackett is managing to hold on to a razor thin lead.
It is quite likely that you will not be able to reach, so hold on to a belt or towel instead.
Discard the myths in which biblical stories are wrapped and hold on to the kerygma to which they point.
She tries to hold on to as much genuine stuff as she can while pandering to fancier tastes.
These are the memories that we will hold on to when we become advanced in age, if we get there.
It is a book to hold on to, for repeated reference to information and inspiration.
Japanese leaders were determined to hold on to what they saw as the critical area of the Pacific theatre.
The correct strategy would then be to hold on to as much territory as possible for as long as possible.
Gilkie found the yoke wildly bucking as he attempted to hold on to the controls.
Cosmetic surgery, the last resort of those who cannot hold on to their youth and beauty through diet and exercise, is expanding exponentially.
North West Radio are expected to hold on to their licence when the new franchise winners are announced this evening.
We thought, if we could get just one wall, it was likely we'd be able to hold on to it.
Otherwise they hold on to whatever touches them, and the chain will have enough lube on it to moisten up the cogs where it contacts each one.
Every atom of me still wants to hold on to those childish beliefs that sometime in the future it will all be different.
So you'd have to hold on to the tap, and drop in the transformer plugged into an extension lead from your hallway.
I want a safe and secure corner, an old barrel, some wood to burn in it and a warm pair of hands to hold on to.
Because the brain is full of bioelectric surges that your kind can hold on to like Velcro.
It was a matter of pride and they fought to the bitter end to hold on to it.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There is not much attempt among these ecstatics to hold on to the dignity of their reason or the reticence of their self-respect.
There we determined to halt for the night, as our cattle were unable to hold on to bint el Jebail.
After the boats were crowded, they would hold on to them so that they could not leave the shore.
Bill there could drive stage as well as I can, only if I didn't hold on to him he'd have us all to the darnation in five minutes.
If the thing were to be done over again, I think I should hold on to my prisoners.
An so youre a-goin to hold on to my quarter-section, be you?
I hold on to it with both hands, so my beer will not slosh over the side.
He called to hold on to the spirit of love and brotherhood as well as unity of all Bahrainis who have always been known for their openness, coexistence and warm-heartedness.
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