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Sea cucumbers, invertebrate animals of the phylum Echinodermata, might hold out some hope for the afflicted.
New rapid methods of drug screening hold out the promise of much faster identification of novel antimalarials in the longer term.
Every era has its utopian movements that hold out the promise of social perfectability.
The long post-war boom seemed to hold out the prospect of former colonies industrialising and catching up with their former masters.
Oh well one could hold out hope that they were selling themselves into some sort of indentureship and this would be the last episode.
If you couldn't hold out the hope of being able to deal with the problem, there would be no point in therapy at all.
The home side managed to hold out for the rest of the game to record a famous victory.
I hold out hope that our response will be measured and set a better example than previously.
They will need to be on their mettle again to hold out the talented Stars attack.
They kept battling and could have equalised, but great goalkeeping and a goal-line clearance saw them hold out.
It was over three hours until the band were on, I wasn't sure if my notoriously thimble-sized bladder would hold out that long.
Were this to happen in London I'm not sure the ' Blitz spirit ' would hold out in quite the same way.
Ballina responded, but were repelled by a resolute defence to hold out for a hard-earned victory.
The young man looked stricken and alarmed, jumping up quickly to hold out a hand.
These meetings put into practice and hold out hope for a utopia based not on economic but spiritual prosperity.
To allow buildings to fall into such a state of disrepair that the council has to hold out its begging bowl is beyond belief.
Brodlieians continued to attack but Pocklington dug deep to hold out and preserve their unbeaten record.
But that ablative armor of your's isn't going hold out under this punishment.
England was an ally and they couldn't hold out for too much longer if the Jerries kept up the relentless bombing.
His improvisation and organization helped the British to hold out for 217 days against overwhelming forces.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If your father'd just had the gumption to hold out, they'd have had to pay him anything he asked.
In the letter I begged Mr. cawley to hold out to the last as I was marching to his assistance.
I however hoped to fall in with Timor every hour, for I had great apprehensions that some of my people could not hold out.
I've been fighting shock with thiamin for the last hour, but I don't think I can hold out much longer.
At present she is unable to give any coherent account of the past, and the doctors hold out no hopes of the reestablishment of her reason.
Only once did I hold out against an extortionate demand of theirs.
How can you expect that I, free in the position I have made for myself, should go willingly and hold out my hands to the shackles of a stranger?
So long as I accomplish what I desire, and make my money hold out, I shall regard the thing as a success.
The tarsi cling firmly to the hair-pencil which I hold out to them.
Possibly the Germans had begun to doubt how long liege could hold out.
Hold out awhile, hold out, But persevere a teeny-weeny longer.
If I saw the Pharisees and fanatics of this lower earth passing her by in contempt, I would hold out my hand to her before them all.
Here in the blockhouse was where they hoped to be able to hold out.
The regulation of the mere domestic police of a State appears to me to hold out slender allurements to ambition.
Seizing a rod he told Robert to hold out his hand, and gave him a caning.
The proprietor of Harrow House was a long, grave man, one of the last to hold out against the anti-whisker crusade.
It was uphill work trying to hold out for the remaining 35 runs.
The duvles are down on us, and we are not able to hold out in Ben Nevis.
He is to be engaged for six months certain, from the time of the landing in Honduras, and for a year afterwards, if the excavations are successful, and if the funds hold out.
Tongan Banani doesn't hold out much hope of winter sports taking off in the largely flat Pacific island, but he said he was proud to have taken part.
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