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In some cases, entire families headed off, picnic in tow, hoping that the rain would hold off.
I saw their escorts, some of them guards, some of them officials, all around them to hold off the press of the crowd.
The group agrees to hold off on any real decisions until replacements are hired.
Strong and aggressive, he is not averse to a bit of shirt pulling and uses his arms effectively to hold off defenders.
Is the American public saying to you hold off on the school vouchers to help kids go from public schools to private or parochial schools?
Rockets and automatic fire stream over your head as you try and hold off the assault on your position.
My only training was in how to hold off the rooster when I was scattering the wheat grains to the hens.
My surmise is that anyone who has a patent to prosecute will hold off until the European software patent decision is made.
He was able to hold off the combined armies of the French, Austrians, Spanish, and Neapolitans for several weeks.
How he manages to stay so calm and hold off his anger for so long is beyond me.
Is Tim trying to hold off the emerging influence of a young leftie lion?
Inside the corridors of power, the question is not if we should build new ones, but how long the politicians can hold off before informing the public of an inevitable reality.
You will hold off until everything meets with your approval.
I don't suppose Lancaster would take it kindly to know you and some others of your ilk didn't exactly hold off that mob from the Savoy, now did you?
First-time jugglers are advised to hold off on the chain saws.
Tracking back in support of his besieged full-back, Arjen Robben seemed in control as he nursed the ball towards the end-line and used his superior size to hold off Messi.
State officials had asked municipalities to hold off on property seizures until the legislature considers changing the state's eminent domain laws.
With Tiger slightly out of sorts last year, the Americans had to hold off a stiff challenge from hosts Argentina, who were represented by Eduardo Romero and Angel Cabrera.
Between August 8 and September 21, the Braves went 32-7 to take a grip on first place, but were still hard pressed to hold off the unyieldingly stubborn Giants.
He still is not big enough to hold off bulky power forwards, but he is athletic and smart enough to guard versatile power forwards and even small forwards.
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However, in spite of their opinion, I pusillanimously decided to hold off for a fortnight, and then fire without notice.
It would hold off from an unchaste woman and fall off from a thief.
I rigged up a contraption to hold off those stinking beasts, and I spent a happy day there with a spud.
Instinctively she wss impelled to hold off, to make him woo her, to make herself more desirably valuable ere she yielded.
The lawyer made a last effort to hold off the coming disclosure a little longer.
The children are also told that, if they can hold off eating the one marshmallow until the researcher returns, they can have the two marshmallows they prefer.
Tennessee-bound Renaldo Woolridge scored 65 points out of 70 on his first three dunks and scored a 56 on his final attempt to hold off Highland of Palmdale's Kyisean Reed.
David Egbert, said he had an influx of calls from concerned parents asking to hold off on the MMR vaccination in order to prioritise the meningococcal meningitis one.
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