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In a grudging manner she also apologised to me, complaining that she was tired.
The subject was of course CBS's grudging acknowledgement that the 60 Minutes documents might possibly be inauthentic.
The way Hugo phrased his words they were more of a command than a request and Solomon grudging obliged.
The play puts flesh on the bones of these divergent characters, as differences in social status gradually yielded to grudging admiration.
As a political liberal who is also a devout Baptist, I have grudging admiration for my conservative coreligionists.
Johnson offers only grudging admiration for Cezanne, and he flirts with the idea that Picasso was a charlatan.
There was some grudging applause at the final curtain, but I got the feeling it was more for the sake of form, rather than actual enjoyment.
The broadsheet newspapers occasionally printed an article which gave some grudging insight into the book world.
After 83 minutes they had finally given an inch, grudging it to Ireland with all their hearts.
When money ran out, they were the only ones working on their land not grudging their son's indulgence in the newfound joys of matrimony.
Often, only the pressure of the spending timetable in the plan forced grudging assent out of some of the voting members.
I think after the anger comes some sort of grudging acceptance, but it's not going to be a very calming acceptance.
I was a career thief and I suppose there is grudging respect on both sides.
There was a general, reluctant, grudging assent to do this, but they were all complying when suddenly a voice broke in.
But I do think there's been a willingness, or even a grudging willingness, to accept this as a good first step.
I have a grudging awareness that I may spend my whole life accepting this fear.
The newspaper offered only a grudging apology for its reprehensible victimization of Lee and did not discipline any of the reporters involved.
Well, calling this a grudging or a reluctant acceptance is a huge understatement, Bob.
First you get a period of moral panic, then a grudging, dismissive acceptance, and then, eventually, a recognition of cultural worth.
While there was a grudging acceptance that amalgamation would proceed, there were two troubling outcomes.
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And even involuntary kindness, grudging kindness, doesn't bestow upon the donor the right to direct the affairs of the donee.
He felt that his membership had been conferred in a rather grudging spirit.
Ask her to bear corn or pasture flocks, and she will be miserly and grudging.
Also there was a grudging note of admiration in his voice when he next spoke.
Then you're no grudging us the loss of six lambs, Mr. Clark.
I'd given one man and thought it too much, while he gave four without grudging them.
But as concerning the dead, I give you leave to burn them, for when men are once dead there should be no grudging them the rites of fire.
I don't mind acknowledging to you that I've got rather a grudging disposition, and want to keep off all intruders.
And if Nature had been grudging with him, his father was not more kind.
I reared you to the best of my powers, grudging neither pains nor expense.
Yes, I can work as hard as he can, and with as little grudging.
How I was, in a grudging way I have no words for, envious of her grief.
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