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It becomes impossible to see the springs of the play's action in terms of mere idiosyncratic personal grudges or teenage angst.
Unfortunately, though, humans have a tendency to bear grudges and nurse grievances, even when the reasons for doing so are irrational.
The wicked mix of an acerbic tongue and a winning smile means holding grudges is nigh impossible.
Elephants are renowned for their long memories and are not unknown to bear grudges.
I don't think I keep grudges, although I tend to remember perceived slights or injustices.
Rupe has a prodigious memory and holds grudges, slights and wrongs long and hard.
A few will linger sourly on the back benches, living with their grudges while adding to their parliamentary pensions.
Most had spied for money, but some spied out of ideological motives, and others because of grudges against their superiors.
There are many factors involved in the line-up of forces in the threatened split, including, no doubt, personal grudges and careerist ambitions.
Holding grudges and resentment against others will only serve to limit your higher development.
It was straight, forthright and honest, and, once the situation was resolved, there were no grudges and no problems.
I have also learned that journalists hold grudges far longer and over a lot less than studio executives.
Nobody in India grudges them their pride and identity as being Muslims, first and foremost.
Entire families will be rounded up to settle political scores or personal grudges.
It was straight, forthright and honest, and, once the situation was resolved, there were no afters, no grudges and no problem.
It's funny how kids can change allegiances at the drop of a hat, whereas adults bear grudges over years and decades.
Yet while the press has recorded these details, he bears no grudges and keeps on affable terms with reporters.
We draw up alliances with loyalties thicker than blood and we nurse old grudges with photographic memories.
Old grudges have been dredged up to justify this descent into pettiness.
They were forced to leave their homes, businesses and families behind, and old grudges against the Castro regime run deep.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Any foreign intervention serves only to exacerbate the situation by increasing the number and intensity of inter-ethnic grudges.
The dinners at the brasserie daily showed more signs of these accumulated grudges.
Even to the present day this is one of my grudges against rolf.
The captain forgot in an instant his anger, his imprisonment, and all his grudges against his passenger.
People don't come with grudges and schemes of finishing their practice with live targets, I hope?
One might as well hold grudges against a flower, he thought.
Military may have grouses and grudges, and not unwarrantedly.
It evokes images of gun-toting vigilantes hell-bent on defending their kinfolk, igniting bitter grudges and spewing violence spanning generations.
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