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I hope you understand that now and will not hold a grudge against Prince Rudolpho for giving you a taste of your own medicine.
They had finally put the public grudge to rest when the engagement was announced.
Even if people feel discontented, they should not harbour such a deep grudge.
It was a grudge match coming into it and there was unfinished business between us.
It added to the tension out there, and what better than a grudge match to make it more interesting.
The final day of competition was a grudge match of rugby contested between Adelaide and Arunta.
An avid Yankees fan, he treats the contest like an extended grudge match against the Mets.
In the first semi-final, the grudge match between Albatross Old Boys and Albatross Two was always going to be a closely contested match.
I don't grudge them their breakfast, nor their liking for the sun, and certainly not the smiling.
And who could grudge her the comfort of a family just the other side of a common wall?
The Hearts players have performed admirably during this season in trying circumstances, so it is hard to grudge them their qualified success.
But this is your last chance to preach to me, so I wouldn't grudge you the taking advantage of it.
For them to have complete belonging to this country may not be fully possible and we should not grudge them that.
No one can deny Naipaul's writing skill or grudge this award for a lifetime of literary hard work.
Until such a time, we cannot grudge women demanding separate bus seats or special attention in queues.
Maximising profit is in the nature of the animal, and if we want democratic choice, we cannot grudge commercial media exercising theirs.
There is no reason to grudge the fact that the rain nearly spoiled the Onam celebrations.
The difference between nursing a grudge and committing to a war should be obvious.
Sources later explained that he was thought to be harbouring a grudge against the Prime Minister.
Is it spontaneous, promulgated by a third party, or the result of a growing, longstanding grudge?
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Examples from Classical Literature
The head-master had the generosity to bear his censurer no grudge for his outspokenness.
Who that ever stooped his head beneath a Highland hut would grudge a few gallons of Glenlivet to its poor but unrepining inmates?
The family did not understand why she continued to bear a grudge against the hatter.
Jack did not grudge his messmate the honour, though he liked to be first when he could.
The young man I speak of does not want friends, who will not grudge the money.
It was you who had the grudge, you snake-souled rogue, and it was you who gave the false witness.
And toward the man who is citified your purely range-bred product cherishes a distinct if secret grudge.
Nevertheless, I bear no grudge against the sine and the cosine, which I continue to hold in high esteem.
I do not grudge the injury if that son of a hyena, pir Baksh, has been killed.
Well, I do not grudge the family if, as I believe is the case, it chiefly ranks upon the distaff side.
Trix felt that she had been cruel, but she did not apologise, and Vesey showed no grudge.
He, for his part, had a countervailing grudge against the world, fancying the work he did for it but feebly remunerated.
Sometimes it seems as if they grudge the longevity which postpones their chance of an effective scene.
We should be selfish indeed to grudge her a few weeks at the seashore.
Marlow smiled his retrospective smile which was kind as though he bore no grudge against people he used to know.
She was baiting him, tempting him to quarrel with her over the old grudge.
The skilful performance of my duty was the source of a rankling grudge.
Percy Roden was one of those men who have a grudge against the world.
Good-tempered Tim, the waggoner, who loved his horses, had his grudge against Alick in the matter of corn.
Indeed to this day Vaud bears a grudge against her former master.
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