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Sentence Examples
If the Tories seem like the nasty party again, disaffected Labour folk could well slouch back home, albeit grudgingly.
The image of Magna Carta being grudgingly given by a cornered tyrant still remains.
Genuinely upset by the waiter's ignorance of dead languages my teacher grudgingly had to settle for ordering in the modern vernacular.
He grudgingly accepts the economic and political realities facing many of his friends and neighbors still in the shrimping business.
A blazing argument ensued, and we finally, albeit grudgingly, compromised on a plan to leave the next day, in the late afternoon.
But when they talk about the victim culture, I grudgingly shut my mouth in acknowledgement of the unhealthiness of it.
The receptionist grudgingly put down her nail file to check the computer for her file.
Some retailers have only grudgingly implemented it, in some cases by using a typeface which is small enough to be unreadable.
No other Australian city is visited more religiously, admired more grudgingly, or reviled more unreasoningly.
Mark grudgingly admitted that it was hard to beat a school whose vending machines dispensed ramen.
The travellers had huge rows about using the internet before grudgingly accepting that email made their nomadic lives much easier.
Jessie flushes and then grudgingly extracts herself from the hole she'd burrowed into my stomach.
Most seem to be philosophical about the restrictions and have grudgingly accepted the ban.
They finally, grudgingly, found a form letter they sent to commanding officers when members of the military would be late.
Even Mozart and Mahler were accepted abroad before they were grudgingly then ecstatically received at home.
The servants continue to hover disdainfully on the sidelines, grudgingly carrying out the master's orders.
Over the next couple of days, he grudgingly repairs the fence and begins to make the acquaintance of the odd old lady.
Ritchie grudgingly admits that some of the problems are due to technology's greater role in the music industry.
The acceptance of distance education has occurred somewhat grudgingly by traditional colleges and universities.
Hitchcock seems more interested in his Dover sole than in the girl but grudgingly answers her questions.
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We all laughed at that, grudgingly at first, then with a touch of wholeheartedness.
I understood Mahomed grudgingly granted them a half-soul, and that only conditionally.
I say grudgingly, because Roland didn't like the new partner, and had said so from the first.
The clerk, who was also timekeeper, exhibited the latter rather grudgingly.
The slightest order was received with a black look and grudgingly and carelessly obeyed.
They own it, not grudgingly or of necessity, but cheerfully.
He did this grudgingly however, and retained most of his big enterprises of his own.
Smallweed glanced with a troubled eye at us and grudgingly nodded assent.
However, she is willing to grudgingly concede that there are large numbers of deluded and doltish people out there who may think the little green balls of veg are vile.
The doors of Skuytercliff were rarely and grudgingly opened to visitors, and a chilly week-end was the most ever offered to the few thus privileged.
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