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A2 is half the size of a sheet of A1, and so forth.

The A1 runs from New Change in the City of London at St.

Additionally, the A1 in Newcastle upon Tyne has moved twice.

Some sections of the A1 have been upgraded to motorway standard.

The A1 Newcastle Western Bypass was completed in the early 1990s.

A66 just west of Scotch Corner junction with the A1, looking east.

The national A1, A10 A3, A4, and A40 road routes begin in the City.

The A1 and M1 connect London to Leeds, and Newcastle and Edinburgh.

A1 Nation's Highway in Northern Albania connecting Albania with Kosovo.

It currently runs between Leeming Bar, the A1 and Redmire, near Castle Bolton.

The domestic top basketball league, A1 Ethniki, is composed of fourteen teams.

The A1 is the latest in a series of routes north from London to York and beyond.

It is the fourth longest numbered road in Britain, behind only the A1, A38 and A30.

The A1 leads north towards North East England and Scotland, and south towards London.

The A1 route was modified in 1927 when bypasses were built around Barnet and Hatfield.

A66 just west of Scotch Corner junction with the A1, Scotch Corner Hotel in background.

The next junction serves the A162 road, previously the A1, and Ferrybridge service station.

Reed Boardall have the UK's largest cold storage site on the west side of the A1 at Boroughbridge.

The A1 highway, in use between Zagreb and Ploče, is planned to be extended all the way to Dubrovnik.

As modified, the Type A1 barge could accommodate three medium tanks while the Type A2 could carry four.

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