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How to use a' in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word a'? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The water used to make the whisky comes from the Allt a' Mhuilinn, the stream that flows from Ben Nevis's northern corrie.
The surname MacWhirter, Mac a' Chruiteir, means son of the harpist, and is common throughout Scotland, but particularly in Carrick and Galloway.
We a' ken that there's tongues in heads, but I ne'er heard o' ony in hats or bauchles afore.
But ef it has ter be prove' ter folks w'at wa'n't bawn en raise' in dis naberhood, dey is a' easy way ter prove it.
You will have seen how a' the newspapers roosed the skatin o' an offisher, that they said lived in the Castle.
I hear the Duke of Hamilton's crofters are a' gaun away, man and mother's son, frae the Isle o' Arran.
The hut is situated just above the confluence of Allt a' Mhuilinn and Allt Coire na Ciste.
Aye, if he wis comin' in his fite claes, bodybulk, I doot ye wid be a' in a binner, as weel's the horses.... I kent fin ye wis in sic a binner 'it a' wisna richt.
Other currently less popular candidates for the National Anthem of Scotland include Scotland the Brave, Highland Cathedral, Scots Wha Hae and A Man's A Man for A' That.
Examples from Classical Literature
We're a' here by grace and no by merit, save his, as ye a' ken better nor I can tell ye, for ye hae been Langer here nor me.
Lod, Lod, three cradles a' rockin' at the same time in yae hoose, it will be like a smiddyor a watchmaker's shop!
And are ye in the wont of drawing up wi' a' the gangrel bodies that ye find cowering in a sand-bunker upon the links?
O mickle yeuks the keckle doup,An' a' unsicker girns the graith, For wae and wae!
Life's sweet to us a', an' it's unco hard to leave our master's bedesman just to be sacrificed.
But after a' the Kirk was oor ain mither, and what for should the King misca' or upturn her?
I'll hae this sodger ance a week a' the times he's in Edinburgh, and you I winna see again.
It wad ill become me, efter a' he's dune for us, to steek the door in's face.
And mony, mony mair were coming and ganging, a' as busy in their vocation as if they had been alive.
He's slipped out as aisily as meself out of a horse-collar, and the face a' him as bould and as big as the hill o' hope!
I've been deaved aboot 'im a' the day, but I haena seen the sonsie rascal nor the braw collar the Laird Provost gied 'im.
They're a pair of deevils, worse nor any Red Indian, but for a' that they're sweatin' wi' fright.
For a' that, I've had thickheaded friends who've been grateful to me noo and then.
I hae seen ill weather half the simmer, an' a thrang corn-yard after an' a', an' that o' the best.
Gin they had a' fouchten as he pipit, there wad hae been anither tale to tell.
I wouldn't a' minded pepperin' Roselle's legs a trifle, if I'd had a barrel loaded, say, with birdshot.
I was often wae for him, puir man, an' I did a' I could for him in my ain sma' wey.
Ye dinna ken whether ye are to get the free scule o' Dumfries or no, after hinging on and teaching it a' the simmer?
He have took my little Zip along of his own chiller, and a' maneth to make a lady on her.
So I took to the kist, and out wi' the pickle notes in case they should be needed, and a' the bairns ran to saddle Dumple.
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