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How to use A. in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word A.? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
James A. Johnston, the prison's first warden, believed that egoism was the chief failing of recidivists.
The keel of A. priceana does not coil after tripping, instead, it bends sharply backwards at the mid-point.
Sequences of A. thaliana and A. lyrata populations were aligned and visually corrected.
Among them are Queen Elizabeth II, Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Sir John A. MacDonald festooned in mink, beaver, muskrat, seal and rabbit.
For the establishment of A. montana the calcareous soil conditions would not have been appropriate.
The response consists of tentacular writhing and mouth opening and is similar to the feeding response seen in A. pallida.
In 1642, the Dutch navigator, A. J. Tasman, reached New Zealand where Polynesian Maoris were inhabitants.
According to A. Grant, he came to know the Scottish Universities better even than do Scotsmen themselves.
Guidance and encouragement for my research involving acanthocephalans has been provided by Steven A. Nadler.
Celastrus orbiculatus can spread vegetatively by root suckering, and A. altissima spreads rhizomatously, forming extensive clones.
Minno studied the pollination biology of A. curtissii, but little is known of its autecology.
Merler found that A. ostoyae killed mostly subdominant balsam and spruce at this site.
A report of colchicine-induced tetraploidy in seedlings of A. mearnsii is the only one of chromosome doubling in the Acacieae.
At 9 A. M., three of their brigs got under weigh, and stood down the bay, supposed to be on the look out.
Busia, a poet and daughter of former Ghanaian Prime Minister Dr. K. A. Busia, relates the stories of three kente cloths in her collection.
The species is morphologically variable and exhibits more molecular variation than A. hypogaea.
Whether drawings, xerographs or paintings, Viktor A. Pavlov's works are all distinguished by fine artistry.
They took up residence in Washington, D.C., acquiring a beaux arts house built in 1912 to the designs of Charles A. Platt.
Also good at handling the warmer weather are lilies and the ornamental onions such as Allium alflatunense, A. sphaerocephalum and A. moly.
George A. Lindbeck is a Lutheran theologian and professor emeritus of the Yale Divinity School.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The bark of A. inermis, or cabbage tree, is narcotic, and is used as an anthelminthic under the name of worm-bark or cabbage bark.
Barnaul was founded in 1730 by A. Demidov, to whose memory a monument has been erected.
Porter, A. M. Effect of light intensity on the photosynthetic efficiency of tomato plants.
This species differs from A. porphyria in ring not being brown or brownish.
Atwill did not import largely but bought of Mr. A. Kohler who dealt in musical instruments, notions, fancy goods and toys.
Now examine this pantograph, taken at eight months, and also marked A. Does it tally with the other two?
The wings are not shaded with fuscous toward the base as much as in A. zerene.
One son, Norman A., is engaged in agriculture in the neighborhood of the city.
Let us suppose that you are working the block letter A. Start from the apex of the letter.
The chest A. was not to be opened until the eldest son of his grandniece, Lady Laura, should attain the age of twenty-five.
Palea very similar to A. fatua, apex 2-4-toothed or bifid, rachilla with stiffer hairs.
Like its congener, A. fornax is reported only from the hotter parts of Texas.
It has been ascertained that A. homunculus had an external lachrymal foramen.
This species, like the A. silvicola, is closely related to the meadow mushroom, but can be readily separated from it.
Only a short time ago a young and well-known artist, Mr. A., was invited to pay a visit to his distinguished friend, Mr. izzard.
Mr A., with an ardent nature, and something of a histrionic turn, doats upon a fine rhetorical display.
Mr. A. went on the street with a handball, and coaxed some stray idler to join him in a game.
Alternatively, Professor A. Dalzell points out to me that illa could have a pejorative sense.
Mr. A. Agassiz has remarked to me another example of commensalism.
Mrs. Erminnie A. Smith continued her study of the Iroquoian languages.
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