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How to use 'a' in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word 'a'? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Dey calls it 'Who'd 'a' Thought It,' 'ca'se you nebber would 'a' thought of puttin' a house dere.
Over time, Russian has almost lost the real PIE accusative case, since only singular nouns ending in 'a' have a distinct form.
Both 'a' and 'b' values recorded showed positive allometric growth for the fish species.
The coefficients 'a' and 'b' were determined by a least squares curve fit, based on Pitot tube pressure loss data obtained in the absence of the support frame.
Examples from Classical Literature
It lets a whole lot o' things go on that you'd think ought to 'a' been stopped hundreds of years ago by ack of Parliament.
I could 'a' stood the throw-down, but to be throwed down in a heap with eggs an' dirty clo'es, was too much.
In my opinion he was so scairt he couldn't 'a' told a hennock from a handsaw anyway.
If you had married him you'd 'a' had a position, like they say here, right away.
Say, Tex, honest Injun, would you 'a' fired off that dynamite if it had come to a showdown?
Whar would we 'a' be'n ef her folks at de No'th hadn' 'membered us no bettuh?
Now if I'd 'a' forgot your uncle's bed, he'd 'a' made it hisself and said nothing.
Yessar, sum one mus' 'a' sperited dat file inter de jail, an' ob cou'se no ossifer would 'a dun it.
I'll just bet you'd 'a' beaned me one with that as soon as not, eh, Miss Deane?
The minute they started their drillin' an' palaver, they ought to 'a' been stopped.
You'd 'a' thought I'd sold him a second, or asked him to work on Yom Kippur!
I'd 'a' fallen clear to the bottom of the Devil's Kitchen if't hadn't been for Mr. pendragon, as he was then.
They had to be took out with a pinchers or they'd 'a' sewed his skin on to a barn door.
The Society was rill large then, an' what happened might 'a' been expected.
When I was a girl, I could 'a' been quite an elocutionist if I could 'a' had lessons.
They'd 'a' had to be purty small bears, but they could 'a' been cubs, easy.
I ked 'a' swallered the muddiest water as ever war found in a puddle, an' neyther frogs nor tadpoles would 'a' deterred me.
I shed 'a' done so, hed it been near enough, tho' I knowed I ked niver 'a' swum ashore.
The fifty dollars would 'a' been good enough, but he must needs go and put it into those elegant purses.
All these actor cheps know it, so of course 'e'd 'a' known abaht it, too.
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