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How to say wrong in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for wrong? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for wrong
incorrecto adjective
incorrect, inaccurate, improper, mistaken
el mal noun
evil, badly, ill, poorly, harm, amiss, disease, hurt, in a bad way
equivocado adjective
mistaken, misguided, wrongful, lost, off base
malo adjective
bad, evil, poor, wicked, naughty
erróneo adjective
erroneous, incorrect, mistaken, misleading, false
el error noun
error, mistake, bug, fault, fallacy
errado adjective
mistaken, erroneous, aberrant, amiss, lost
la injusticia noun
injustice, iniquity, grievance, miscarriage of justice, raw deal
injusto adjective
unfair, unjust, inequitable, wrongful, iniquitous
incorrectamente adverb
incorrectly, improperly, all wrong, out
el agravio noun
grievance, affront
equivocadamente adverb
mistakenly, misguidedly
inoportuno adjective
inopportune, inconvenient, untimely, unfortunate, inexpedient
al revés adverb
backwards, upside down, the other way around, backward, on the contrary
impropio adjective
improper, inappropriate, unfit, unseemly, unbecoming
el perjuicio noun
damage, detriment, harm, hurt
inexacto adjective
inaccurate, inexact, incorrect
el entuerto noun
agraviar verb
injure, affront, aggrieve
sin razón adverb
inicuo adjective
iniquitous, wicked, nefarious
engañoso adjective
misleading, deceitful, deceptive, deceiving, false, delusive
ser injusto con verb
injuriar verb
insult, revile
inclinado adjective
inclined, tilted, slanted, sloped, inclinable, leaned
abusar de verb
abuse, misuse, misapply, ask too much, exceed rights
imbécil noun
moron, imbecile, fool, stupid, prat, dolt
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