How to say lost in Spanish

What's the Spanish word for lost? Here's a list of translations.

Spanish Translation
More Spanish words for lost
perdido adjective
missing, astray, idle, abandoned, tainted
extraviado adjective
stray, strayed, missing
dejado adjective
left, untidy, slovenly, abandoned, blowzy
quedado adjective
left, kept, taken
olvidado adjective
muerto adjective
dead, deceased, lifeless, expired, dull
absorto adjective
absorbed, engrossed, deep, rapt, preoccupied
sufrido adjective
long-suffering, afflicted
desorientado adjective
perecido adjective
roto adjective
broken, broken-down
interrumpido adjective
disrupted, broken, discontinued, canceled, cancellated
ensimismado adjective
rapt, abstracted, lackadaisical, offish
equivocado adjective
wrong, mistaken, misguided, wrongful, off base
errado adjective
wrong, mistaken, erroneous, aberrant, amiss
estado perdido adjective
cesado adjective
finished, closed, cut, landed, up
acabado adjective
finished, complete, played-out, discontinued
deshecho adjective
undone, broken, unpaged
sido vencido adjective
perdido el hilo adjective
quebrado adjective
broken, bankrupt, cracked, broken through, rough, uneven
viejo adjective
old, aged, elder, elderly, antique, stale
impotente adjective
powerless, impotent, helpless
padecido adjective
terminado adjective
finished, completed, over, done, closed, up
no trabajado adjective
anciano adjective
old, elderly, elder, aged, grey-headed
parecer confuso adjective
no logrado adjective
falso adjective
false, fake, untrue, bogus, phony, spurious
adelantado adjective
advanced, forward, fast
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