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How to say long in Latin

What's the Latin word for long? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation
More Latin words for long
desidero verb
desire, wish, regret, want, miss
diu adverb
long time, for a long time, a long while, in the day-time, by day
cupio verb
desire, wish, want, yearn, crave
aveo verb
be eager, salute, farewell
longe adverb
far, chronically, tremendously, spanking, afar
longus adjective
lengthy, tedious, protracted, lengthful, vast
gestio verb
groove, gambol, be excited, exult, peacock
ligurio verb
lick, tongue, feed, meat, nourish
esurio verb
hunger, be hungry, have an appetite, desire to eat, desire
essurio verb
hunger, be hungry, have an appetite, desire to eat, desire
expeto verb
desire, require, demand, make for, aim at
expetesso verb
dudum adverb
long ago, formerly, just now, some time ago, a while ago
procul adverb
far, afar, far away, off, away
producte adverb
spatiose adverb
longinquus adjective
remote, distant, repetitious, boring, tedious
promissus adjective
hanging off
procerus adjective
tall, towering, lengthful, elevated, high
DIUTURNUS adjective
lasting, long-lasting
diutinus adjective
lasting a long time, endured, long-lived
serus adjective
late, belated, dim, dark, old
productus adjective
extended, lengthened, lengthy, prolonged, longspun
tardus adjective
late, slow, sluggish, lingering, dull
magnus adjective
great, loud, big, large, high
spatiosus adjective
spacious, roomy, ample, extensive, protracted
prolixus adjective
conductive, wide, lengthy, stretching, broad
demissitius adjective
hanging down, flowing
longiturnus adjective
haveo verb
be eager, salute, farewell
exopto verb
desire, wish much
habiturio verb
desire to have
expecto verb
expect, look for, wait, await, hope
exspecto verb
expect, wait, look for, await, look out
ligurrio verb
lick, tongue, feed, meat, nourish
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Similar Words
thirst noun, verb
sitis, sitio
hanker verb
libido, expeto, desidero
yearn noun, verb
desiderantium, desidero, desiderium, cupio, esurio
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