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How to say desire in Latin

What's the Latin word for desire? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation


More Latin words for desire
volo verb
want, wish, will, speed, canter
desiderium noun
wish, longing, regret, want, yearning
appetitus noun
appetite, craving, longing, passion, stomach
cupio verb
long, wish, want, yearn, crave
cupiditas noun
eagerness, greed, cupidity, lust, passion
desidero verb
long, wish, regret, want, miss
cupido noun
passion, eagerness, lust, longing, greed
voluntas noun
will, wish, choice, inclination, disposition
requiro verb
seek, require, ask, demand, inquire
libido noun
lust, whimsy, libido, whim, heat
votum noun
vow, prayer, wish, solemn promise, hope
essurio verb
hunger, be hungry, have an appetite, desire to eat, long
hio verb
open, be open, gape, wonder, hiate
postulo verb
need, request, ask, demand, prosecute
peto verb
ask, beg, seek, request, beseech
indigeo verb
need, lack, want, require, be deprived of
requaero verb
seek, look for, quest, search, need
adfector verb
aspire, pretend, aim at, try, feign
adpeto verb
seek after, assail, approach, near
affector verb
aspire, pretend, aim at, try, feign
cupisco verb
esurio verb
hunger, be hungry, have an appetite, desire to eat, long
inhio verb
gape, stare, want, covet, yearn
opto verb
wish, choose, want, opt, select
expeto verb
require, demand, make for, aim at, strive
expetesso verb
exopto verb
wish much, long
percupio verb
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See Also in English
burning desire
ardenti desiderio intueri
object of desire
passion desire
desiderio passion
heart's desire
voluntas quidem cordis
carnal desire
idest carnalis concupiscentia,
strong desire
sexual desire
desire to do
great desire
magno desiderio
desire for
enim votum
Similar Words
long for verb
dum enim, concupio
wish for verb
vis, egeo, adopto
covet verb
concupierunt, concupisco, cupio, adamo, inhio
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