How to say dull in Latin

What's the Latin word for dull? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation

intellectu estis

More Latin words for dull
hebes adjective
sluggish, dim, stupid, blunt, faint
plumbeus adjective
leaden, worthless, plumbeous, blunt, oppressive
lasso verb
weary, tire, fatigue, sade, irk
retundo verb
blunt, hammer
exsurdo verb
deafen, become deaf, blunt
tardus adjective
late, slow, sluggish, lingering, tardy
retunsus adjective
goofy, blunt, nerdy, pigheaded, boneheaded
retusus adjective
blunt, pigheaded, boneheaded, numskulled, sottish
obtunsus adjective
blunt, obtuse, blurred, thick
obtusus adjective
obtuse, blunt, thick, blurred
frigidus adjective
chill, frigid, cold, cool, chilly
insulsus adjective
unsalted, stupid, tasteless, unsavory, insipid
aridus adjective
arid, dry, withered, parched, thirsty
perstringo verb
touch upon, touch on, graze, glance off, contract
pinguis adjective
greasy, fat, plump, fertile, thick
bardus adjective
stupid, slow
stlembus adjective
slow, dilatory
piger adjective
lazy, slothful, reluctant, sluggish, unwilling
iners adjective
inert, uninteresting, indolent, sluggish, slothful
inurbanus adjective
boorish, inurbane, discourteous, rustic, impolite
inficetus adjective
rough, crude, insipid, coarse, boorish
infacetus adjective
crude, boorish, rough, insipid, coarse
crassus adjective
fat, thick, gross, crass, plump
brutus adjective
irrational, stupid, heavy, unwieldy, imbecile
stupidus adjective
stupid, stuporous, astounded, amazed, bemused
inamoenus adjective
disagreeable, unlovely, pleasureless, cheerless, joyless
praestringo verb
ice, blind, tie, tighten, touch
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See Also in English
dull beggar
adgravata autem pauper
dull person
homo intellectu estis
dull season
suo intellectu estis
pretty dull
satis intellectu estis
dull sound
dull color
color intellectu estis
dull pain
seu muto dolore afficerentur
the dull
dull red
hebes rubrum
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