How to say quick in Latin

What's the Latin word for quick? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for quick
velox adjective
swift, fast, fleet, rapid, speedy
cito adverb
swift, quickly, speedily, swiftly, fast
acutus adjective
acute, sharp, pungent, keen, subtle
celer adjective
swift, speedy, fast, rapid, hurried
propere adverb
apace, speedily, in haste, hastily
raptim adverb
hastily, hurriedly, swiftly, speedily, swift
mobiliter adverb
apace, fast, fleetingly, prompt, promptly
citius adverb
speedily, swiftly, swift, rapidly, apace
celox adjective
fast, fleet
momentosus adjective
momentary, rapid
momentaneus adjective
alacris adjective
brisk, eager, cheerful, ready, spirited
sollers adjective
skilful, clever, skillful, adroit, dexterous
festinato adverb
speedily, hastily, quickly, hurriedly, in a hurry
agilis adjective
agile, nimble, easily moved, mobile, light
facilis adjective
easy, facile, negotiable, ready, compliant
incitatus adjective
aroused, excited, fast, rapid, swift
citus adjective
swift, rapid
rapidus adjective
rapid, ravening, swift, scorching, rushing
citatus adjective
rapid, hasty, fast, speedy, hasteful
promptus adjective
prompt, ready, willing, easy, plain
maturus adjective
mature, ripe, early, matured, speedy
concitus adjective
rapid, hurried, swift, fleet, fast
concitatus adjective
excited, swift, rapid, fleet, fast
acer adjective
sharp, keen, fierce, energetic, acrid
festinanter adverb
speedily, hurriedly, hastily, quickly, in a hurry
brevi tempore adverb
soon, shortly, fast, pronto, quickly
properanter adverb
speedily, hastily, in haste, apace
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be quick
esto mansuetus
quick search
quaestio simplex
quick reply
velox responsum
quick start
curabitur Nulla consequat tincidunt
very quick adjective
velox nimis, praevelox, praerapidus, praeproperus, praeceler
quick look
velox vultus
quick time
quick time
quick fix
acutus redintegro;
Similar Words
fleet-footed adjective
velox pedibus, citipes, avipes
lightning adjective, noun
fulgur, fulmen, ignis, adtonitus
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