How to say swift in Latin

What's the Latin word for swift? Here's a list of translations.

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More Latin words for swift
velox adjective
quick, fast, fleet, rapid, speedy
celer adjective
speedy, fast, quick, rapid, hurried
levis adjective
light, slight, trivial, unimportant, trifling
velociter adverb
speedily, quickly, swiftly, rapidly
cito adverb
quickly, speedily, swiftly, quick, fast
citus adjective
quick, rapid
rapidus adjective
rapid, ravening, scorching, rushing, fast
celeriter adverb
rapidly, quickly, speedily, swiftly, apace
ocis adjective
citipes adjective
fleet-footed, swift-footed, fleet
pennipes adjective
fleet, wing-footed
cursim adverb
hastily, swiftly, rapidly, quickly, fast
volatilis adjective
flying, volatile, winged, rapid, fleeting
laevis adjective
digestible, lightsome, flippant, lightweight, nimble
volucer adjective
winged, flying, fleeting, transitory
ventosus adjective
windy, vain, airy, fickle, breezy
praeceps adjective
steep, headlong, precipitous, rash, hasty
incitatus adjective
quick, aroused, excited, fast, rapid
concitatus adjective
excited, rapid, quick, fleet, fast
concitus adjective
rapid, hurried, quick, fleet, fast
volaticus adjective
flying, fleeting, unreliable, flighty, winged
raptim adverb
hastily, hurriedly, swiftly, speedily, promptly
perniciter adverb
nimbly, swiftly, quickly, lightly
mobiliter adverb
apace, fast, fleetingly, prompt, promptly
ociter adverb
quickly, swiftly, speedily
rapide adverb
rapidly, fast, swiftly, headlong, nimbly
citius adverb
speedily, swiftly, quick, rapidly, apace
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celeri terra cancer ardentem
swift response
celeri responsio
celeri fluit,
swift-footed adjective
celeri pede, citipes, celeripes
celeri utebatur,
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