How to say enlarge in Latin

What's the Latin word for enlarge? Here's a list of translations.

Latin Translation


More Latin words for enlarge
augifico verb
increase, make larger
auctifico verb
amplo verb
extend, increase, develop, magnify, amplify
adamplio verb
increase, widen, embellish
procurro verb
run, greaten, troop off, jut, overhang
promoveo verb
promote, move forward, forward, advance, move
excresco verb
grow, increase, rise
prolato verb
amplify, extend, expand, dilate, defer
duplico verb
double, bend double, lengthen
relaxo verb
relax, loosen, loose, weaken, abate
dilato verb
dilate, extend, increase, spread out, widen
procresco verb
be produced, spring, increase, amplify, augment
macto verb
slay, smite, honor, glorify, adore
profero verb
produce, utter, bring forward, mention, cite
multiplico verb
multiply, increase
exaggero verb
exaggerate, raise a mound, complete a mound, increase by heaping, pile up
intendo verb
intend, aim, aim at, direct, fix
extendo verb
extend, stretch, spread out, reach, strain
augeo verb
grow, increase, magnify, exaggerate, augment
amplifico verb
increase, amplify, widen, extend, enhance
amplio verb
improve, amplify, widen, extend, increase
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Similar Words
multiply verb, adverb
multiplicamini, multipliciter, congero, multiplico
lengthen verb
longos, procurro, protraho, producto, prolongo
augment verb
augeretis, macto, procurro, procresco, profero
magnify verb
mea, amplo, profero, procresco, mirifico
expand verb
Capitulum quintum, promoveo, excurro, cresco, dispendo
detail verb
detail, enumero
extend verb
extend, tendo, produco, profero, producto
add to verb
add to, accenseo, adjicio, adicio, adstruo
build verb
ædificem, aedifacio, adtollo, constituo, aedifico
swell verb
tumescente putrescat, confluctuo, distendo, undo, adcresco
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