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How to say end in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for end? Here's a list of translations.

Japanese Translation


More Japanese words for end
終了 noun
Shūryō termination, close
Hashi edge, tip, extremity, margin, border
末端 noun
Mattan extremity, tip
最後 noun
Saigo conclusion
末尾 noun
Matsubi end
Sue powder, top end, future, tip, new shoots
終り noun
Owari end
後端 noun
Kōtan end
終結 noun
Shūketsu close
Saki destination, future, point, priority, precedence
終末 noun
Shūmatsu close
終止符 noun
Shūshifu period, full stop
結末 noun
Ketsumatsu conclusion, resolution, decision, resolve, judgment
終る verb
Owaru finish
極端 noun
Kyokutan extreme, edge, extremity, boundary, border
終局 noun
Shūkyoku finale, conclusion, denouement, close, end of a game of go
暮れ noun
Kure sunset, nightfall, year-end
決着 noun
Ketchaku settlement, conclusion, decision
止める verb
Tomeru stop, cease, put an end to, resign
際限 noun
Saigen limit, bound
限界 noun
Genkai limit, bound, boundary, edge, border
終幕 noun
Shūmaku close
限度 noun
Gendo limit, bound, boundary, border, brim
Sai edge, brink, verge, side, border
収まる verb
Osamaru be delivered, be obtained, be settled, be paid
果てる verb
Hateru die, go, be finished, be exhausted, perish
暮れる verb
Kureru get dark, come to an end, close, run out
済む verb
Sumu finish, be completed
打ち上げる verb
Uchiageru launch, shoot up, conclude, dash, wash up
納まる verb
Osamaru be delivered, be obtained, be settled, be paid
ディゾルブ verb
Dizorubu dissolve, annul, melt, liquefy, defrost
竣工 noun
Shunkō completion, finish, fulfillment, termination, culmination
竣成 noun
Shunsei fulfillment, completion, termination, culmination, conclusion
結着 noun
Ketchaku conclusion, decision
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