How to say stop in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for stop? Here's a list of translations.

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More Japanese words for stop
ストップ noun
Sutoppu halt, stopover, standstill, cessation, stay
止める verb
Tomeru cease, end, put an end to, resign
終止 noun
Shūshi termination, cessation
立ち止まる verb
Tachidomaru stand still, halt
止む verb
Yamu cease, be over
打ち切る verb
Uchikiru abort, discontinue, cut off, break off, close
停める verb
Tomeru halt
留める verb
Todomeru fasten, cease, turn off, clip, detain
阻む verb
Habamu hinder, prevent, preclude, thwart, obstruct
停留 noun
Teiryū halt
差し止める verb
Sashitomeru prohibit, forbid
途絶える verb
Todaeru cease, come to an end
押える verb
Osaeru suppress, restrain, press down, repress, seize
佇む verb
Tatazumu stand still for a while, linger, loiter
上がり noun
Agari rise, death, completion, advance, yield
区切り noun
Kugiri punctuation
句切る verb
Kugiru punctuate, cut off, mark off
踏み止まる verb
Fumitodomaru remain, stay on, hold out, give up, hold one's ground
停まる verb
Tomaru halt
止まること noun
Tomaru koto stop
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