How to say support in Japanese

What's the Japanese word for support? Here's a list of translations.

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More Japanese words for support
サポート noun
Sapōto support
支持 noun
Shiji sustenance, livelihood, subsistence, alimentation, maintenance
支援 noun
Shien aid, backing
対応 noun
Taiō correspondence, dealing with, coping with, interaction
支える verb
Sasaeru bear, prop, be blocked, choke, be obstructed
支え noun
Sasae prop, stay
補助 noun
Hojo auxiliary, aid, assistance
援助 noun
Enjo assistance, aid
Dai table, stand, pedestal, rack
応援 noun
Ōen rooting, help, assistance, aid, rooter
裏付け noun
Uradzuke backing, proof, collateral, assurance, guarantee
裏付ける verb
Uradzukeru confirm, corroborate, substantiate, prove, endorse
後援 noun
Kōen backing
賛同 noun
Sandō approval, endorsement, indorsation, indorsement
扶養 noun
Fuyō maintenance
援護 noun
Engo assistance, help, aid, backing, boost
賛成 noun
Sansei favor, approval, agreement, favour
Chikara force, power, strength, ability, energy
声援 noun
Seien cheering, encouragement
助力 noun
Joryoku assistance
扶助 noun
Fujo assistance, aid, help, relief, benefit
賛助 noun
Sanjo patronage
突っ張り noun
Tsuppari strut, prop, thrust, bar
加担 noun
Katan complicity, conspiracy
頼り noun
Tayori reliance, trust, dependence, dependency, confidence
引き立てる verb
Hikitateru favor, promote, march, favour
引立てる verb
Hikitateru favor, promote, march, favour
厄介 noun
Yakkai trouble, burden, bother, worry, care
突張り noun
Tsuppari strut, prop, bar, thrust
肩入れ noun
Kataire backing, patronage
荷担 noun
Katan complicity, conspiracy
羽翼 noun
Uyoku succor, wings, assistance, aid, succour
柱石 noun
Chūseki pillar, cornerstone, mainstay
来援 noun
Raien assistance
護持 noun
Goji defend and maintain, protection
擁立 noun
Yōritsu back
保つ verb
Tamotsu keep, maintain, preserve, retain, hold
推す verb
Osu infer, conclude
貢ぐ verb
Mitsugu finance
堪える verb
Taeru bear, withstand, stand, endure, resist
ベリファイ verb
Berifai validate, confirm, document, prove, authenticate
与する verb
Atae suru take part, be implicated, side with
裏付 noun
Uradzu backing, proof, collateral, assurance, guarantee
肩を持つ verb
Katawomotsu side with
押し立てる verb
Oshi tateru set up
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